The New Realm of "Three Sets and Five Major National Grids" : The term “three episodes and five big ones” has accumulated 13 times in the work report made by General Manager Liu Zhenya and can be described as a high-frequency word. In the discussions among the delegates, the "three episodes and five big ones" are also the center of hot debate.

The construction of the "Three Sets and Five Majors" system is an objective requirement for realizing the company's strategic goals. It is an inevitable requirement for the company's management approach to adapt to the development of a strong smart grid, and is the key to the company's transformation of its development approach.

At present, the "Three Sets and Five Majors" system has been initially established in 17 provincial (city, district) power companies in the company's system, and important milestones have been achieved. Looking into the future at the intersection of history and reality, the strong will and powerful power of the National Grid people who are dedicated to development are still being highlighted.

Management innovation stimulates the vitality of the enterprise
The State Grid Corporation has a large body, a large number of personnel, and a wide geographical area. To manage well, operate well, and develop well, it is undoubtedly faced with many problems. Based on this reality, the company has not ceased to manage the pace of innovation at the moment, and in the end it has continued to revitalize the company's vitality, its strength has grown, and its core competitiveness continues to increase.

Among these, the construction of the "Three Sets and Five Majors" system that began in 2010 is undoubtedly the systematic integration of corporate management reform and innovation. As an amazing "solution," the "three episodes and five majors" have driven the company into a new realm of development.

The construction of the "Three Sets and Five Majors" system is called the "Ultra High Voltage" project for company management. “Three episodes” is a comprehensive intensive, optimized configuration, and efficient use of all resources of the company's human, financial, and material resources. The "five major" system is an overall optimization and system integration of the company's core business management system, operation mechanism, and business process. The two ends complement each other. The ultimate goal is to establish a scientific and standardized new system and new mechanism to improve the company's efficiency and effectiveness.

Lin Ye, an assistant to the general manager of the company and director of the East China Division, said that in the past ten years, the company's management and management level has increased significantly. Compared with ten years ago, the development of many undertakings did not come to mind. Among them, the work related to the "Three Sets and Five Majors" system is very hard, but looking back, all hard work is worth it.

“The level of intensive management of core resources has been significantly improved, core business management and control capabilities have been significantly enhanced, overall business performance has increased significantly, and safety, stability and quality services have continued to increase.” Jia Fuqing, Director of the Corporate Restructuring Office, summed up the plentiful construction of the “Three Sets and Five Major” system. Achievements.

Zhang Lei, general manager of Fujian Corporation, believes that the construction of the “Three Sets and Five Majors” system has already demonstrated its value and benefits. In practice, the benefits of intensive management are obvious. The "Three Sets and Five Majors" system is in full compliance with the long-term interests of the company.

Ning Zhizhong, deputy head of the Maintenance Inspection Center of the Qiqihar Division of the Heilongjiang Company Maintenance Company, said with deep feeling that after the reform, everyone's work efficiency has improved significantly. People are still those people, but the workload is up, and everyone's work enthusiasm is higher, because the reform has stimulated positive energy.

Over the past few years, the cadres of the company’s vast system of cadres and employees have used a brave ambition to play a magnificent movement of reform and development. Standing on a new historical starting point, it is not difficult to find that the construction of the “Three Sets and Five Majors” system is promoting the transformation of the company’s development model and is enhancing the quality and benefits of the company’s development. It is shaping the distinctive moral character of the State Grid Corporation and is inspiring National Grid people are forging ahead.

The success or failure of a reform initiative ultimately requires practice to test and verify. Practice has fully proved that the construction of the "Three Sets and Five Majors" system is in line with the requirements of the scientific development concept and is in line with the company's development reality, which reflects a profound grasp of the company's development laws and grid development plans. The construction of the "Three Sets and Five Majors" system is the core content and strategic task of the company in transforming its development mode and building a "strong and three excellent" modern company.

Make persistent efforts to expand the breadth
The reform has never been accomplished overnight, and efforts have been made to fully complete the “Three Sets and Five Greats” system in 2014. The task remains arduous.

As a comprehensive, in-depth and fundamental major reform in the course of the company's reform and development, the construction of the “Three Sets and Five Majors” system is a complex system project. Therefore, the more we achieve significant achievements, the more we need to calm our minds, and the more we must focus on analysis and summarization to find deficiencies and seek long-term leapfrogging.

The company's third session of the Staff Representative Conference and the 2013 Working Conference re-deployed the "Three Sets and Five Majors" work, drawing attention.

- The "Three Sets" management must continue to deepen. Although the current "Three Sets" management has achieved remarkable results, its potential and value have not been fully tapped, and it must continue to expand in depth, breadth, and lean direction.

- The "five major" system must also achieve high efficiency. The "five major" system has achieved remarkable results, but it is necessary to soberly realize that there is still much room for improvement in the management, intensification, and professionalization of the company's management. The overall coverage, close integration, and efficient coordination of the new system are also very important. difficult. Especially in the process of running-in and promotion, new difficulties and problems will also be encountered. We must make up our minds and move forward with perseverance.

Obviously, accelerating the construction of the “Three Sets and Five Majors” system is a new leap and a qualitative improvement in management philosophy, management methods, management performance, and management culture, and has put forward new and higher requirements for corporate leadership and execution.

According to Shan Yecai, general manager of Jiangsu Corporation, since the implementation of the "Three Sets and Five Majors", especially the "Five" system has basically landed in Jiangsu, it is also necessary to realize harmonious operation. “We still need to improve the integrated management, operation mode, etc. The next step is to better coordinate and upgrade.”

Wang Fenglei, general manager of the Xinjiang company, said that Xinjiang companies must unwaveringly build high-quality "Three Sets and Five Majors" systems. They must learn from the experience and practices of the advanced systems of the company's systems to avoid detours and efficiently promote construction work.

The majority of cadres and staff members must change their ideology and ideas, improve their work methods, take the initiative to adapt to the requirements of the new system and the new mechanism, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the company's management.

Wang Hongzhi, general manager of Qinghai company, said that acceptance does not mean that the task is over and the work cannot stop. The Qinghai company must work hard to consolidate the achievements of the "Three Sets and Five Majors."

Zhang Xiaoli, manager of training and management of production personnel at the Training and Education Division of the Human Resources Department of Sichuan Corporation, stated that the “five major” system has made management more professional. The next step will be to adjust the staff training work to more specific divisions.

A more gratifying situation is that the work of the company in many aspects will be organically integrated with the "Three Sets and Five Big Ones." In 2013, the company will comprehensively carry out safety management promotion activities, establish safety work organization systems and system systems that are compatible with the “Three Sets and Five Majors” system, and implement the management of county power supply companies and power supply companies in accordance with the requirements of the “Three Sets and Five Majors” system. The upgrading project will adapt to the needs of the “Three Sets and Five Majors” system and deepen the construction and application of the SG-ERP system...

Under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, we must continue to deepen the building of the “Three Sets and Five Majors” system, keep pace with the times, explore new ideas, and forge ahead on the road to reform and development.

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