Air conditioning energy efficiency threshold will increase The new standard for energy efficiency of variable frequency air conditioners, "Energy-saving limit value and energy efficiency rating for speed-controlled room air conditioners," has recently been finalized and entered the approval stage, and is expected to be officially implemented in June this year.

It is understood that the new standard has changed in terms of energy efficiency levels, limit values, evaluation indicators and so on. The revised limit value of the energy efficiency of inverter air conditioner will be increased from the current 3.0 to 3.9, that is, the current level 1 and 2 air conditioning levels will be automatically reduced by 1 level, respectively to 2 and 3, and the new level 1 energy efficiency level will be added. Because the use of air-conditioning heat pump heat is more energy-efficient than radiators and electric radiator heaters, the new standard also introduces a new year-round energy consumption efficiency index for the air-conditioning system, and pays more attention to the heating performance. “Energy efficiency limit values ​​and entry barriers will increase the production cost. It is expected that the price of air conditioners will increase, but the prices will not rise sharply.” People in the industry believe that with the upgrading of technical difficulties, some Small businesses will be eliminated from the market.

In some home appliance stores, Midea, Haier, Gree and other mainstream brands of air-conditioning products have been difficult to classify 4, 5 energy efficiency products, and mostly 1, 2 products. However, in the secondary and tertiary markets, the 4th and 5th efficiency inverter air conditioners produced by small and medium-sized enterprises are still relatively common. According to industry sources, there are nearly half a year from the implementation of the new standard, and companies will be able to clear the current level 3, 4 and 5 energy efficiency products at a low price during this time.

Industry sources have warned that during the holiday season, the peak of household appliances consumption, some businesses will take the opportunity to take out high-energy inventory products to promote. However, air conditioners with long inventory times are prone to freon leaks, and due to improper long-term storage conditions, circuit boards and other important components are exposed to moisture or mildew, resulting in breakdown of home appliances and even fire. Therefore, when reminding consumers to purchase home appliances, they should check their production date, carefully inquire about their useful life, and should grasp their inventory “degree” when they encounter inventory appliances. Do not blindly pursue low prices.

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