360 Commercialization of Search Advertising: Left-Handed Dotting Right-Handed Google After a long period of silence, the 360 ​​search advertising model has been quietly on the line recently. Unlike the outside world's speculation with Google's advertising cooperation model, the 360's point-of-thumb marketing platform also targets 360 search for the corresponding advertising promotion price, and is also in the country. Recruitment of core agents throughout the country is intended to begin with channels and resources and formalize the 360 ​​search business.

Push "Daddy" platform to raise agents

Recently, the reporter searched for keywords such as “mobile phone”, “flowers”, and “training” in the 360 ​​search and found that the results page had advertisements on the top or left side of the left side. In addition to keyword advertisements, the 360 ​​search also saw direct promotion of brands such as Amazon and Gome Online.

What is different from the past is that the 360 ​​search advertising model has a low profile. According to a 360 search insider introduction, 360 points eye marketing platform as early as in late November last year began to officially launch 360 search CPC (click-to-billing) mode, advertisers can currently officially advertise through this platform. "The tariff for SMEs is 4,600 yuan, of which 4,000 yuan is pre-deposit, 600 yuan is account opening fee, and the keyword minimum bid is 0.3 yuan." The person told the reporter that his ranking was determined by the advertiser's bid for keywords. Decision.

However, the reporter contacted a website leader who appeared in the 360 ​​search promotion column and learned that he did not search for ads in 360. Where did these advertising links come from? 360 search sales department responsible person explained that currently appear in 360 search promotion ads, in addition to advertisers direct delivery, some of the ads are diverted from natural search channels, that is, through keywords for free advertising to some sites , "This is also for the sake of attracting customers."

360 emphasized that their advertising model is intended to take a differentiated path. “The commercialization of 360 search will never adopt the current competitive bidding method on the market. In the search results page, 360 advertising promotion and content are clearly distinguished and the number of articles is limited. In addition, due to the current mixed medical market, we There is no ability to judge the authenticity of medical advertisements, so 360 search decided not to accept medical advertisements."

The 360 ​​search began to recruit troops throughout the country while refining advertising resources, and improved its agent channels. A person responsible for the 360 ​​search channel agency revealed that this 360 search has very strict qualifications for agents. "The 500,000 security deposits and the 150-200 team are the most basic requirements. Agent recruitment has started in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Ningbo. There are already several short-listed companies."

Outreach Google Forms "Two-Wheel" Drive

360 search In addition to its own point and click platform for advertising marketing, this time it was speculated by the outside world that it is the cooperation with GoogleAds advertising model, that is, 360 search using GoogleAds technology platform to promote their advertising resources, the two again Divide into groups. The 360 ​​public relations also said that 360 search advertising model is indeed to cooperate with third parties, but "which is not convenient to disclose." And the reporter called Google on this matter, as of press time before the response.

However, in the eyes of the industry, "Google third-party advertising" + "dashing platform", 360 search commercialized two carriages have been emerging, but the formal commercialization of the 360 ​​search, is also a passive choice for Google .

"Google has an extremely mature advertising resource, but it has been declining since it withdrew from China. This time, the cooperation with 360 search is just enough to revitalize its advertising business. On the other hand, 360 search commercialization has just started, and Google happens to be able to give 360 Bring the conversion advantages of advertising channels, and Google's technology can make their commercialization faster and more mature." Hitwise analyst Qiu Fei pointed out that although 360 had been a Google partner before, but since Google search replaced 360 pages to Google With the commercialization of advertising now, Google has always been in a passive situation. "If 360 cooperates with Goolge, Google will be transformed from the role of a product service provider to a basic service provider under this model. However, considering China's operating costs and profitability, Google accepts this model is not a bad idea."

Former Dream Bazaar SEO Director, Chen Chao, head of marketing for criminal days, believes that cooperation with Google can bring huge short-term benefits to 360, which uses Google's technology and resource advantages to quickly roll out the commercialization road, but according to 360 cooperation habits , and Google's long-term cooperation is still unknown.

Advertisers are still watching

Although it is possible to place search ads on the 360 ​​Touchscreen platform and use the free model to attract advertising resources, some enterprises and advertisers are still waiting to see.

"At present, the focus of traffic import is still Baidu-based. It will not be considered for 360-day search advertising." A number of network operators and webmasters told reporters that they will not venture to search 360 to buy traffic. "Now it's all In the wait-and-see phase, it is still time to speak up."

However, an industry insider responsible for the promotion of website operations believes that although Baidu’s traffic advantage is very obvious, some advertisers do both. However, it is still difficult to evaluate the merits of Baidu and 360 search advertising. “The specific price of keywords is determined by advertisers and traffic, and the user groups and algorithm rules covered by Baidu and 360 are not the same. Make horizontal comparisons."

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