Mainland will open Taiwan LED lighting standard In order to speed up the LED lighting conversion speed, the mainland will announce the limited opening of Taiwan LED lighting standard certification in the near future. The initial application will be based on applications that can be immediately applied in the mainland. Legal person estimates that it may be LED street lighting standards, including Jingdian, Yuyuan, and Yiguang. , Dongbei, Yuhong, Aifei Sen, Lunda and other factories will benefit.

The number of installations of LED street lamps in mainland China, Mr. Xu Zhengdian’s acting spokesman Xu Zhengdian expressed “optimistically”. He believes that the mainland market is large, but the current mainstream LED lighting market is still in Europe and the United States, and Europe and the United States norms are more advanced standards, but does not rule out the mainland will still entrain its market advantage, and continue to strive for future standards to develop the dominant right.

According to Zhu Mudao, director of the Institute of Electronics and Optoelectronics of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, according to the current progress, the experimental results of LED street lamps on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are the same. Next, it should be possible to start promoting mutual recognition of experimental results between the two sides. At least, In the future, Taiwanese factories can reduce the time for products to be sent to mainland certification agencies.

The initial stage will be LED street lighting

Due to official regulations in mainland China, Taiwanese manufacturers must set up factories in mainland China to participate in the bid. Therefore, Taiwanese LED manufacturers set up factories themselves or establish joint ventures with mainland manufacturers. The Taiwanese LED factory believes that Taiwan’s LED street lighting standards have been developed and that manufacturers have participated. Therefore, the content of the standard will be more clearly understood. If the mainland is willing to adopt some Taiwan standards, it will be the same as that of the Taiwanese factory to gain the initiative in the standard part, plus Taiwan. The factory has the technology and the quality is good. Naturally, it will help the Taiwanese factory to fight for the LED street lamp market in mainland China.

The legal person stated that in the 12th Five-Year Plan of the Mainland, the target of 50 million cities and 2 million won was set. It is expected that the business opportunities for LED street lamps will grow significantly.

Jian Yuan, the chairman of the board, said that Taiwan’s LED manufacturers have won technology but lost business, and that business is basically a standard. Therefore, the LED streetlight industry alliance formed by Taiwan's LED upstream and downstream manufacturers has actively participated in this year's LED display industry. Relevant unit contacts, for example, in collaboration with the Fujian Optoelectronics Industry Association, completed two agreements including the Taiwanese LED lighting standard certification and the cooperation of LED lighting demonstration applications, and completed a tunnel lighting demonstration project of approximately 14,000 feet in length of 30 kilometers.

Streetlight Industry Alliance renamed

The Taiwan LED Street Lighting Industry Alliance is also planning to be promoted into an official group by the informal industry alliance in late December and renamed the Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Alliance. Through the integrated platform approach, it will attack LED lighting opportunities in mainland China and Europe.

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