According to reports, Kim Ki-nam, chief executive of Samsung Electronics Co., a panel subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., said on the 23rd that the company will seek constructive targeting of infringement disputes with LG Display Co. (LGD). s solution. This seems to mean that Samsung is willing to reach a settlement with LG's OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) infringement case.

Kim Ki-nam admits that he met with a senior official of the department on January 22 at the request of Kim Jae-hong, director of the Industrial Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of South Korea. Kim Jae-hong has met with LGD CEO Han Sang-beom. Han Sang-beom later said that the company could sit down and talk with Samsung, but Samsung must confess that the company is the party that initiated the dispute and the two sides could reach a settlement.

Kim Jae-hong is scheduled to meet with LGD CEO Han Sang-beom and Samsung's panel subsidiary Samsung Display CEO Kim Ki-nam this week and next week, and will ask the two CEOs to stop the patent dispute between the two parties. So as not to hinder the national interest. Although Samsung and LG have confirmed this news, they are not willing to talk more.

Park Yong-min, an official of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Semiconductor Industry Bureau, said that the threat posed by Japan and Taiwan is growing, especially in the OLED market. Samsung and LG should not waste money on infringement lawsuits.

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