State subsidies to purchase 50% of efficient lighting products Speaking of energy-saving lamps, the people are no strangers. Since 2008, Taiyuan has started implementing the “Government Subsidy Greenlight Project” to promote energy-saving lamps for urban and rural residents each year. On February 25th, the reporter learned from the Taiyuan Development and Reform Commission that the city’s fiscal subsidies for energy-saving lamps in 2012 are still in progress. This time, it will promote 1 million energy-saving lamps, focusing on small shops, Qingxu County, and Yingze. District to promote. If promoted smoothly, these 1 million energy-saving lamps will save at least 55 million yuan in electricity bills a year.

In this promotion, there are 750,000 energy-saving lamps for 20W, which are mainly for urban and rural residents. The focus is on Xiaodian District, Qingxu County and Yingze District. The remaining 250,000 are high-power compact fluorescent lamps, that is, 45W and 55W energy-saving lamps, mainly urban and rural residents, various public institutions, and various types of enterprises. According to regulations, when purchasing these high-efficiency lighting products, the state subsidies 50%, provincial subsidies 30%, and residents 20%. The purchase prices of energy-saving lamps with three specifications of 20W, 45W, and 55W were 2.4 yuan/support, 8.6 yuan/support, and 9 yuan/support, respectively, far below the market price. The reporter saw in the modern lighting city, the price of 20W energy-saving lamps is basically between 10 yuan and 15 yuan.

For 2.4 yuan/branch energy-saving lamps, 20W energy-saving lamps are equivalent to 100W incandescent lamps, 100W incandescent lamps have an hourly electricity consumption of 0.1 degrees, one month is calculated according to 30 days, and each day is used for 4 hours. Each incandescent lamp The monthly electricity consumption is 12 degrees, while the 20W energy-saving lamp uses only 2.4 degrees of electricity per month, saving 115.2 kWh of electricity per year. It is calculated according to the current electricity rate of 0.477 yuan per degree, and a 20W energy-saving lamp is for one year. Save electricity costs nearly 55 yuan. In this case, if the implementation is successful, 1 million energy-saving lamps can save at least 55 million yuan in electricity bills each year.

The use of green lighting products saves energy and saves energy for the user and saves energy and reduces emissions for the city. From an environmental point of view, 10 20W energy-saving lamps can save 1,152 degrees per year, equivalent to saving 422 grams of standard coal and reducing 1,152 grams of carbon dioxide emissions. A lush tree absorbs about 1,833 grams of carbon dioxide per year on average. Every household switching to 10 20W energy-saving lamps is equivalent to planting a tree. Promotion of 1 million energy-saving lamps equals 100,000 trees.

At present, energy-saving lamps have become the protagonist of the light source market. In the modern lighting city, it has been difficult to trace incandescent lamps, replaced by energy-saving lamp products with different shapes, powers, and sizes. There are no fewer than a dozen brands that the reporter saw. Since 2008, Taiyuan City has started implementing the "Government Subsidy Greenlight Project." Many people have already eliminated incandescent lamps from the consumption concept. According to the sales staff in the Op Lighting Store, almost 90% of the consumers who came to purchase directly target the energy-saving lamps. "Although 100W incandescent bulbs only sell for a few dollars, people are more inclined to choose 20W energy-saving lamps with the same luminous efficiency."

Taiyuan City Development and Reform Commission staff in charge of the department said that with the gradual implementation of the national incandescent lamp roadmap implementation, better energy-saving LED lights or will become the government's financial subsidies to promote the key products.

POE Splitter


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POE Splitter

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