TCL acknowledges cooperation with Huaying Technology Recently, Hua Ying Technology has been suspended for a week due to major restructuring issues. Concerns about the mysterious reorganization or TCL have continued, but both parties have denied this. According to a person from Huaying Technology's directorate office, the suspension of the company was due to planning for asset restructuring and it was not possible to disclose more content. The secretary of the TCL group secretary Tu Shu also said that he has not received any notice in the near future and it is unclear about the reorganization of Huaying Technology.

Due to the substantial decrease in operating income of Hua Ying Technology this year. From January to September of this year, CPIC Technology's operating revenue was 1.328 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 24.51%; net profit was 232 million yuan, an increase of 5.67% year-on-year. Although Hua Ying Technology has made plans to increase the production capacity of small and medium-sized flat panel display products from the original 1.2 million pieces/month to 2.1 million pieces/month and other rescue actions, it is still difficult to change the fate of the restructuring.

According to TCL Group Secretary Secret Secretary Tu Shuyi recently stated that TCL has a number of business cooperation with Huaying Technology, and has not heard any claims from TCL and CPT at the capital level. TCL is still committed to vertical integration of the industry chain. In addition to building the 8.5-generation line, the Group has not yet had panel expansion and layout plans.

Earlier, Huaying had publicly stated that Huaying does not rule out any opportunity for foreign cooperation. It has maintained a positive attitude towards the mainland-based Taiwanese companies participating in China’s Taiwan region, but so far, the company has no specific plans for cooperation. For the TCL with business cooperation, Hua Ying Technology did not express too much.

Related industry sources said that at present, CIP Technology assets have shrunk dramatically, LCD panel assets are still high-quality, or may be acquired by the whole machine manufacturers and high-generation LCD panel companies. At the same time, it does not rule out that Hua Ying Technology holds hands with Taiwan and other panel companies. Regardless of who will spend, it will promote the development of its enterprises and strengthen the construction of the industrial chain.

It is understood that the main industry of Huaying Technology is a liquid crystal module, but now China's color TV companies have their own module factory, and the integration of LCD TV modules and the whole machine has become a trend. This makes Huayin Technology's module business more and more difficult to do, had to turn to small screen LCD module for mobile phones and tablet PCs, the income will naturally be reduced, although the profit margin can be.

With the substantial decline in the revenue of Huaying Technology's revenue in recent years, the environment in which it has survived is continuously being backlogged. Huaying Technology is in deep trouble. However, the company’s liquid crystal panel industry assets are still of good quality. The high-generation LCD panel companies are much better, and they are very likely to be acquired.

Related industry sources said that CPT’s several erroneous strategic choices were the key reasons for its loss, and CPT might withdraw from the LCD panel and module industry. AUO, Chi Mei, and TCL all have the chance to take over. China Ying Technology's small and medium-sized modules are mostly complementary to the high-generation LCD panel production line and are acquired by high-generation LCD panel manufacturers. However, before Cititech is sold, it may also reorganize its internal assets.

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