ST offers a wide range of integrated circuit products for vehicle passenger safety applications, which are used in airbags, anti-lock braking systems, traction control, electronic power steering and suspension systems.

ABS brake system and electronic stability control system

Currently, ABS is an important device for most cars on the market and is an essential safety feature for automotive systems. The Electronic Stability Program (ESC) is also rapidly evolving, and it is a very important function to effectively prevent rollover and enhance the personal safety of the occupants. ST offers a wide range of flexible, innovative ASSP products with a comprehensive range of security systems. Combining ST innovation and sophisticated BCD (bipolar, CMOS and DMOS) technologies, and extensive experience with leading large OEMs over the past 15 years, ST has become the leading supplier of brake system ICs worldwide.

Active suspension

The active suspension system is definitely a high-end vehicle electronics that ST can provide. By providing high-end embedded microcontrollers to quiet valve drivers for precise control and fast response, ST meets the demands of this demanding application. From embedded microcontrollers to power switches, from voltage regulators to serial communication physical layers, ST meets your needs for active suspension systems.

Electronic parking brake

Today's electronic parking brakes have a very high level of safety. The electronically controlled parking brake is automatically activated when needed and automatically released when not needed. ST offers solutions ranging from embedded microcontrollers to power switches, from voltage regulators to serial communication physical layers to meet your electronic braking needs.

PufangTech`s UHF Radio Modem operates in 403~433MHz, 419~440MHz, 450~480MHz and 480~512MHz frequency band. These radio modems have air data rate of 19200bps in 25kHz channel spacing and 9600bps in 12.5kHz. These UHF radio modems work in transparent transmission, and they can ensure compatibility to most user systems and protocols. You can also change the settings in the programming mode with a Windows based program on PC.

Wide band radios can run and be achieved with higher frequencies over 1GHZ, however, this is not likely to meet the standard of range and reliability as a wide band link.

PufangTech`s UHF radio modems are perfect for SCADA, remote control and telemetry for utility distributions (water, electricity, oil & gas).

UHF Radio Modem

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