Consumers keen on mid-to-high end 3C products This year's winter vacation, each chain started a “chilly battle” in advance in the digital 3C field. On the one hand, customers can enjoy preferential purchases on student ID cards or long-distance tickets. On the other hand, they have the opportunity to reimburse travel fares. However, compared to previous winter sales promotion, it was not very lively. It was even included in the New Year’s Eve. It was more or less a little “chilly”.

“Compared to the Spring Festival, the winter holiday promotions are mainly concentrated on the years before.” A related person from Dongguan Suning's marketing department stated that under the influence of student groups, return groups, and corporate prize purchases, 3C consumption during the winter holiday promotion is generally good. “We are all relatively high-profile both in the exhibition and in the publicity.” For the 3C winter holiday sales performance, Dongguan Gome did not make a clear response.

"Different from previous years, this year's campaigns for chain winter sales promotion are relatively few. This is mainly due to the fact that the New Year and New Year's audiences are wider. Moreover, it is one of the factors that can not be ignored when the students of the Lantern Festival have not started school." The home appliance chain fashion electronics told reporters that the chains did not deliberately use winter break promotions as marketing gimmicks, but usually the student’s spending before and during the Chinese New Year is still considered “awesome”.

During the Spring Festival, what is the trend of digital 3C consumption during the Spring Festival? Fashion Electric revealed that 3C products are the hottest items in the holiday season. Both sales and sales of mobile phones topped the list, followed by computers and cameras. "Since the price of the ipad mini is rising, the sales of the ipad mini have increased, and the digital card camera section After going high, it quickly fell back in the festival. Micro-singles and SLRs were stronger."

According to information from Dongguan Gome, the sales of mobile phone festivals are growing at a measurable rate. The general price of consumer hot purchases is between 1,500 and 2,500 yuan.

“The sales of tablet PCs, digital cameras and SLR cameras have all been blown out, and the growth rate is significantly higher than that of traditional household appliances.” Ding Yi, head of Dongguan Suning’s relevant department, said that due to the impact of returning to rural areas, mobile phone sales did not reach the expected 30 % This increase, but driven by the high-end machine, still achieved a 20% sales growth. The average unit price of consumer spending was mainly concentrated in the 2,000 yuan range, while local students and their relatives and young fashion groups were the main buyers.

Valentine's Day consumption is impacted by the Spring Festival Every year, the business opportunities contained in the western Valentine's day are often dug by the depth of the home appliance chain and infinitely enlarged, but this year's Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year just coincide, Valentine's Day can also burst out of the appropriate consumption stimulus Is it power?

According to information from Dongguan Suning, this year's Valentine's Day mobile phone sales are dominated by high-end machines, with an increase of about 20% year-on-year. In terms of digital cameras, sales of card machines have dropped significantly, but high-end SLRs and micro-cameras have seen a 50% year-on-year increase; The category was basically the same as the previous year, but Sony's female model sales up to 56%. Dongguan Gome also said that Valentine's Day 3C consumption showed a steady upward trend.

“Even though there is a certain increase in the consumption of Valentine's Day, it is not as popular as it used to be in previous years.” Chen Chenwei, deputy manager of fashion appliances market, admits that the day’s 3C consumption only slightly increased by 1.8% compared with that before Valentine’s Day, and women’s 3C. Most of the supplies, their consumption potential is basically diluted by the traditional Spring Festival.

The average consumption amount of high-end 3C products has risen by several hundred yuan. What kind of consumer trends have been shown by consumers in digital 3C this year? The above analysis of the three major home appliances believes that the overall trend of 3C consumption is high and the high-end trend is obvious. The mobile phone is dominated by large screen multi-core smart models, and the 4-inch screen has become the absolute mainstream; digital cameras, high-end micro single, SLR More favored, and ordinary card machines are sliding down to the decline under the impact of smart phones; computer, thin and easy to carry Tablet PC is more popular with consumers, and desktop sales are shrinking. Even if the student groups also began to chase smart phones, mid-end micro-single or single-lens reflex cameras, but relatively few to buy ipad tablet, but added a soft spot for high-profile notebook.

According to the information provided by the relevant stores, the current 3C average consumption of high-end products has risen by about 20% to 30% over the previous two years, and consumption has risen by 200 to 500 yuan.

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