Light aesthetic design should not be subject to Europe and the United States

As we all know, China's lighting manufacturers are located in different parts of the country, and the competition is fierce. The role of such a competitive trend is reflected in both positive and negative aspects... Recently, the reporter discussed the topic of “when Chinese lighting companies are not brand-free?” and the former chairman of IES (North American Lighting Engineering Association), now IALD ( Steve Wright, member of the International Association of Lighting Designers, conducts in-depth exchanges.

He analyzed that, on the one hand, the arms race for competitive technology will follow, and on the other hand, this competitiveness will lead to an increasingly fierce price war among enterprises, and ultimately, the low quality of products will become a price.

Today, many companies cultivating themselves on a small plot of land, unrestrained, non-cooperative, and non-exchange, thus forming a long-term ideological concept and behavior habits - "small farmers awareness." Steve, as a lighting designer who has cooperated with many Chinese lighting manufacturers and design agencies, expressed his thoughts: "China still has a well-developed lighting company, and several big brands are also good at exporting "report sheets." The Australian market has also seen many Chinese LED product brands, such as spotlights, buried lights, and accessories.As far as the export market is concerned, I think the most important thing for Chinese lighting manufacturers is to cultivate foreign companies. Good cooperation relationship. I personally cannot accept lighting products that are not supported by distributors, because they can solve the problems of ordering, shipping, warehousing, and guarantees."

In his opinion, in addition to addressing technology, Chinese luminaire manufacturers should study more the unique aesthetic designs that belong to their brands, rather than being subject to the design of European and American manufacturers, or even copying their products. On the other hand, we should also strengthen the cooperation with outstanding designers in the industry, including lighting designers, interior designers, architects, etc., and be more outstanding in product design.

To allow Chinese lighting companies to “have products as well as brands,” they also need to add supplementary ingredients to help cultivate international brands to use external forces, such as whether international major exhibitions can capture brand nutrition. Steve admits this is part of an expansion plan for overseas markets. In order to find dealers who can represent their products locally, Chinese lighting manufacturers must also promote their products and business models to potential customers and social networks.

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