On June 13, 2006, Wu Yulu, a 45-year-old farmer inventor from Mawu Village, Qixian Town, Tongzhou, Beijing, showed his latest work, the robot pulling a rickshaw.

In the home of Wu Yulu, the author saw this robot that would pull a rickshaw. It is about 1.8 meters tall, with silver and white iron exteriors, hand-painted black eyebrows, ping-pong eyes, and sponge-made mouth. Behind it, connected to a deep red iron rickshaw, the rickshaw is equipped with a steering wheel, and a control button is placed beside the steering wheel. The buttons can be flexibly moved forward, backward and middle to control the forward and backward movement of the rickshaw. stop. Master Wu explained that the eyes and mouth of the robot are mainly controlled by the electric motor.

According to the inventor Wu Yulu, the silver-white big guy was brewed for more than 20 years. After countless trials, it took a year to complete. The robot weighs 150 kilograms, and the rickshaw weighs about 300 kilograms. The material is mainly composed of iron plates, gears, wires, motors, etc. The production cost is about 8,000 yuan. "It can take 6 hours for every charge, and it can take 30-40 steps per minute. Each step is 0.6 meters. It can take more than 8 kilometers in 6 hours." Master Wu said that this robot is all used by him. Manually completed, many of which were purchased at the waste station. The robot's control was completed by computer programs. Currently, he intends to apply for a patent.

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When the lead-acid battery is under using or stored status for a long time, due to factors such as undercharge, self-discharge and environmental temperature changed, its performance will gradually decline, and it might even not be used any more. The main cause of battery failure is that the lead sulfate on battery plate gradually lose activity for the above factors. The crystallization thickens and hardens, cannot be reduced to fluffy lead as recharging, as a result, the battery capacity decreases or to be completely scrapped. This phenomenon is known as [irreversible sulfation".
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