The wireless communication module in the elevator monitoring system can be divided into two types: embedded TCP / IP protocol and non-embedded TCP / IP protocol. Considering the actual situation on site, the module with embedded protocol stack is finally selected. This module can not only reduce the load of the MCU system, but also reduce the difficulty of system development.

At present, there are many types of GPRS modules with TCP / IP protocol on the market, and a wide range of options. The selection of vacuum electrodes should take into account factors such as equipment reliability, price, and whether there are good technical documentation and technical support.

According to the above principles, the system uses W3100G series GPRSDTU, its main functions are:

First, convert the data parameters received by the RS232 / RS485 serial port of the on-site data acquisition instrument, and send the online concentration meter to the monitoring center using GPRS wireless network.

Second, it can realize two-way conversion from RS232 / RS485 serial port to GPRS wireless network communication, and realize transparent transmission.

Third, convert the monitoring center commands received by the GPRS wireless network, and send real-time commands to the field data collector through the RS232 / RS485 serial port.

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