How to wash the inner tube of the washing machine

Washing machine was originally to liberate our hands and share a good helper for our housework. However, in the course of long-term use, it will inevitably bring about some hidden dangers of health. In the end, why? We have to start from the root.

The most fundamental task of a washing machine is to wash the clothes, so what kind of clothes are clean? Is it just a stain on the surface of the clothes? In actual fact, many washing machines wash away the dirt, but they will bring about microorganisms that we can't see - bacteria, which will bring hidden dangers to our healthy life.

Some organizations have conducted a sample survey of household washing machines and found that over 100 households that have been in use for more than 3 years and have never washed the washing machine have detected the bacteria exceeding the standard rate as high as 81.30%. In the groove of the outer wall washing machine, the detection rate of E. coli group reached 100%, and the detection rate of mold was 60.20%. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the washing machine at home once every 3 months, otherwise it will cause "secondary pollution" of the clothes.

So do regular cleaning of the washing machine to ensure that the inner cylinder is completely clean, the industry sources said that regular cleaning can only reduce the adhesion of dirt to a certain extent, but it can not be eradicated, a long time or will gather some dirt.

Another method is to sell the washing machine after the sale, but this method requires the consumer to coordinate the good time, the cost is relatively high, and must be a professional after-sales staff to ensure that the product is not damaged, Moreover, some brands do not support the door washing machine Inner cylinder service.

In addition to these two methods, is there no way to make it simple and convenient once and for all? Is the inner drum of a washing machine really an unbreakable problem? I learned that in July this year, there was a no-clean washing machine in the market that could help consumers solve this problem.

Why does a no-clean washing machine effectively remove dirt from the inner cylinder? Its original core technology is the adoption of a brand-new washing machine structure, which uses special flexible substances to continuously move between the inner and outer drums of the washing machine, and at the same time forms a “dynamic water” flow during the movement, making the stain in the washing water not easy to the inner and outer barrel walls. Attaches and deposits to keep the inner and outer barrel walls clean and durable. In other words, every time you wash your clothes, it means that you take a shower for the inside and outside walls of the washing machine.

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