21ic Training HOLTEK's fingerprint module with advanced optical technology and thin, high-quality fingerprint image sensor provides a variety of solutions for designers who want to integrate fingerprint recognition technology into their products. The GTU series MCU with USB interface is convenient for downloading fingerprint image data to the PC. The higher-level GTM family includes a HOLTEK 32-bit ARM core microcontroller, UART/USB interface and all internal algorithms for fingerprinting operations such as registration, verification and erasure. Regardless of the requirements, from individual sensors to feature-rich modules, HOLTEK offers a range of solutions for integrating fingerprint recognition into a wide range of security products.

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main features:

"Optical Fingerprint Sensor" and "Embedded Optical Fingerprint Identification Module" based on "TrueSecureTM" 3D technology are widely used in fingerprint recognition applications using advanced optical technology. Has the following advantages.

Embedded module can be read 360 degrees, in either direction

Close to linear capacitive price, cost-effective

Face sensor, easy to use

High resolution low distortion fingerprint image

Thin and light optical fingerprint sensor

Dry finger recognition

High antistatic, durable sensor

Advanced anti-false fingerprint performance

Good quality and stability

  1. The connection is convenient and flexible. 2. Small volume. 3. A kinds of channel choice. 4. cooperate with prefabricated cable connection.

  The Relay Module integrates and serializes the single small power library relay in the electrical control cabinet, reduces the intermediate wiring link and improves the product performance. The product conforms to the development trend of miniaturization and integration, and is the renewal product of the original single relay. The installation form adopts the general 35mm U-shaped guide rail for installation, which is convenient and fast.Our products are made of Idec, Omron, Tyco, Panasonic relay and deca terminal.

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