Environmental technology industrial development space?

Almost everyone feels the transformation of China's environmental industry, but with the industrial changes, where is the development direction of environmental technology and where is the space for the industrialization of environmental technology?

From June 20 to 21, the 8th Environment Technology Industry Forum 2014 will be held in Beijing Friendship Hotel. From the original "Environmental Technology Forum" to the "Environmental Technology Industry Forum", this forum emphasizes the coupling of technology and industry. It aims to examine the environmental technology market from a strategic perspective and to deduct the future landscape of environmental technology through technology.

Among them, the "Environmental Technology Opportunity in Industry Perspective" module focuses on the two spatial dimensions of cities, small and medium-sized towns and rural areas, ecological restoration, industrial parks and two hot markets, and focuses on the development trend of environmental technology.

The forum setting reflected two significant changes in the environmental industry: an effect-oriented and comprehensive development trend. Fu Tao, director of the Environmental Protection Industry Research Center at Tsinghua University’s School of Environmental Protection, once stated that the government’s evaluation of environmental governance replaces binding indicators with effective indicators to strengthen the environmental effects and will greatly enhance the level of environmental services, from point to surface and from unit to system. Change the service interface.

It can be foreseen that the trend of the industry moving from single-unit management projects to regional environmental governance and ecological construction will become more apparent. At the same time, the demand for specialized industries and professional division of labor will be strengthened. Under this background, environmental protection companies tend to be transformed into environmental management service providers and comprehensive environmental solution providers. They have more systematic thinking and overall concepts. The strategic cooperation between enterprises has become closer, and the concept of eco-ethnic groups has emerged.

Innovation and upgrading of urban environmental governance technology In early 2014, six well-known domestic experts including Qu Jiuhui jointly proposed that “in 5 years or so, build a (batch) municipal wastewater treatment concept plant with a certain scale for 2030-2040” .

It represents the innovative needs of urban environmental governance technologies. After the rapid development of urban environmental governance over the past 30 years, great achievements have been made, but the lack of extensive, poor quality, and sustainable development philosophy has made it weak. Fu Tao believes that “China’s water industry is about to enter the era of technological revolution”.

Fu Tao analyzed that in the past decades, the stage of environmental governance characterized by harmlessness was currently a parallel period of harmlessness and resource utilization. After five years, the market will focus on the recycling of resources. From harmlessness to resource-based, a great deal of technological innovation is needed.

Qu Jiuhui, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, once asked in the 4th China Water Industry Academician Forum: Where does the technological innovation of the industry come from? What is the driving force of innovation? This is worthy of mutual reflection between the industry and research institutions. He said that the main body of innovation should be an environmental protection enterprise, and technological innovation must be combined with the application of technology.

The concept factory's proposal is in line with this trend of thought, and its four pursuit directions: to raise standards, reduce energy consumption, reasonable recycling of resources, environmental friendly, or can represent the innovative goal of urban environmental governance technology line.

Where are the technological orientations of small and medium-sized towns and rural environmental governance technologies for local conditions and small and medium-sized cities and rural areas? Academician Qian Yi of Tsinghua University pointed out that environmental governance models in small and medium-sized towns and villages cannot simply replicate cities, and blindly follow the phenomenon should be braked early.

Following the gradual completion of environmental infrastructure construction in large and medium-sized cities, small and medium-sized towns and rural markets have received much attention. The new environmental protection law proposes to "plan and co-ordinate the construction of sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe networks in urban and rural areas, environmental sanitation facilities for the collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste, centralized disposal facilities and sites for hazardous waste, and other environmental protection public facilities, and ensure their normal operation." This indicates that the integration of urban and rural environmental protection services has been proposed at the legislative level.

Various innovative technologies have been applied in the market, such as Sander International's SMART township wastewater treatment system process for township wastewater development and the Lite Ultrafiltration membrane water purification technology for rural safe drinking water projects. Guozhong Waterworks Co., Ltd., through cooperation with foreign companies, introduced and absorbed international technology and equipment layout for small and medium-sized towns and rural water markets. Zhu Yongjun, chairman of the board, said that in the next few years, China Water will focus on technological innovation and rural markets, and realize the business model of “asset + technology + value-added services”.

Beijing Enterprises Water and Capital Co., Ltd. are also piloting rural environmental governance with their respective advantages. The formation of standardized technical guidance and technical applications for small and medium-sized towns and rural markets is imminent.

A package of ecological restoration and park management technology Under the grand goal of vigorously developing ecological civilization, ecological restoration has become an industrial hotspot. In addition to pollution control, the most important task of ecological restoration is to restore the various functions of the ecosystem, including water ecological restoration, soil remediation, and air remediation.

In 2014, the Central No. 1 Document proposed: Strengthen the construction of ecological protection, implement comprehensive renovation of rivers and lakes, key construction projects for water and soil conservation, carry out the construction of an ecologically clean and small watershed; establish a source area for rivers, an important water source, and an important water ecological restoration and treatment area. The mechanism of ecological compensation for flood storage and detention areas; the pilot project for remediation of cultivated land contaminated with heavy metals; the comprehensive treatment of groundwater over-consumption funnel area in northern China.

Water ecology is an important area of ​​ecological restoration. Cheng Xiaobing, Inspector of the Water Resources Department of the Ministry of Water Resources, stated at the 12th session of the 2014 Water Industry Strategy Forum that the Ministry of Water Resources has carried out ecological water transfer, comprehensive management of fragile rivers and lakes, protection and restoration of aquatic ecosystems in response to the ever-growing water ecological problems. Pilot, river and lake health assessment and a series of practical exploration.

Soil remediation is on the horizon and soil problems are not optimistic. According to the National Soil Pollution Survey Communique, the content of inorganic pollutants in the topsoil of the country has increased significantly during the period of the “Seventh Five-Year Plan” period. The content of cadmium in the country has generally increased in the country and has increased by more than 50 in the southwest and coastal regions. %, increase by 10% to 40% in North China, Northeast China, and West China.

CEC Environmental Restoration Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is the only company specializing in environmental remediation under the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group. Ms. Hu Qing, chairman of China Energy Conservation Land, believes that the soil remediation industry is completely different from water and gas treatment. It covers different majors such as groundwater and geology and has a very comprehensive nature. Therefore, soil remediation requires tailored, packaged solutions.

The environmental governance of industrial parks is similar. Industrial parks, agricultural parks, and high-tech industrial parks are usually industrial clusters based on certain types of enterprises. The characteristics of pollution are clear and easy to accumulate, and governance is of a long-term nature. The environmental governance of the park needs to target these special groups. They provide a comprehensive package of environmental services.

China Water Holding's market is located in small and medium-sized cities and towns, and the environmental management of municipal sewage treatment facilities and industrial parks that continuously raise the emission standards has been listed as two key areas. The business model of “middle assets, heavy service, and regional operations” held by the company's water business provides intensive and tailored environmental services for the two major markets.

These emerging markets urgently need to develop targeted new technologies, new methods, and new models, form systematic technical specifications, and build platforms for exchanges and cooperation in technology, policies, management, and equipment. Among them, technology is the foundation and the lifeblood. Xiaoqing environmental protection president Han Xiaoqing's point of view, he believes that where environmental protection companies go and how to go, should be consistent with the national policy, but all business model development, market development should be based on technology clearance, or else In the end, it will be a dead end.

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