Amazon's first smartphone, the Fire Phone, finally unveiled. Although the overall specification is not comparable to Apple's and Samsung's flagship machines, it still uses a number of advanced technologies, including the long-range evolution plan (LTE). ), OpTIcal Image StabilizaTIon (OIS), Dynamic Perspective (Dynamic PerspecTIve) and "Firefly" visual identity, combined with the company's powerful content and e-commerce services, the power can not be underestimated.

Amazon Web founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said that Fire Phone integrates all of Amazon's favorite services, including fast access to Amazon's vast content, and a variety of exclusive features such as remote customer service Dayday buttons and free photo cloud Storage space, etc. In addition, the Firefly button allows users to identify emails, phone numbers, 2D barcodes and general barcodes, as well as more than 100 million songs, movies, TV albums and products, and take immediate action.

The image sensor introduced in the front corners of the Fire Phone is an important key to the innovative function of the dynamic perspective system.

The image sensor introduced in the front corners of the Fire Phone is an important key to the innovative function of the dynamic perspective system.

Bezos further pointed out that the Fire Phone also introduces an innovative dynamic perspective sensing system that recognizes the relative position of the user's head and device and provides users with a more immersive experience, one-handed control and gesture recognition. Not only that, but Amazon also released Dynamic Insight and Firefly's software development kit, and more innovative applications will continue to emerge in the future.

It is understood that the dynamic fluoroscopy system uses the four infrared image sensors introduced on the front of the mobile phone to detect the change of the angle between the user's face and the screen of the mobile phone, so as to realize the use interface of the 3D effect and allow the user to Hold the phone with one hand and gently turn it in different directions to change or move the display without having to use another hand to achieve one-handed control.

As for the Firefly exclusive button function, it is based on the visual recognition technology Flow developed by Amazon's subsidiary A9; this technology can also be implemented on iPhone and Android phones, but users must download the exclusive application, but now it has been frame. The Firefly's Firefly feature is supported by the operating system and is activated by a dedicated physical button, which is also tightly integrated with Amazon's web services.

Another notable new feature of the Fire Phone is the optical anti-shake. Throughout the current smart phone market, there are only a handful of models that actually introduce optical anti-shock power. The more well-known ones are HTC New One, LG G2, Nokia Lumia 920, and Comet Galaxy. S4 zoom and K zoom; Amazon included this feature in the first smart phone, the main purpose is to improve the accuracy of the dynamic fluoroscopy system realized by the image sensor.

In addition, the Fire Phone uses Qualcomm's 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and supports LTE, 802.11ac and Near Field Wireless Charging (NFC), which also add to its hardware specifications.

From Amazon's painstaking efforts to add innovative technology to the Fire Phone, and make every effort to strengthen the integration of software and hardware, it is not difficult to see its intention in the smart phone market. However, at this stage, the phone is only sold through the US telecommunications company AT&T pipeline, so it is still difficult to pose a huge threat to the iPhone or other branded smartphones.

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