[High- tech LED reporter Zhao Hui] The battle for Wu Wang, the control of NVC Lighting (02222.HK), is shifting from Wudou to the "black curtain" of mutual revelation, and the "gongdou" drama that is rushing out of the news. Various characters representing the interests of both sides rushed to appear, and various insider information emerged one after another.

Recently, there are mysterious figures who have claimed to have held middle and high-level positions in NVC Lighting and Dehao Runda Lighting Division, and exclusively published the "Black Screen" of "Gaogong LED".

According to the mysterious "gunner", although the technology of the LED lighting business of Dehao Runda is ok, but the marketing means, channel team and other aspects are too single, the internal execution is poor, and one thing often drags on for several months and has no result.

"Dehao's light source products do a very good job, the parameters are good, but no brand is fatal, no one is willing to sell it." When talking about the difference between NVC and Dehao in lighting, the spokesman Think, like NVC, as long as the marketing and branding is done, it will succeed. Objectively speaking, Dehao's light source is good, and the price is indeed lower than NVC. However, NVC is a brand with higher bargaining power. Although Dehao’s things are good, there are too many listed companies in the lighting industry, and no one will be willing to buy them.

The reporter said that NVC Lighting is a relatively open enterprise, but in contrast, Dehao Runda is more closed, and the patriarchal atmosphere is strong. All major events must be decided by Wang Donglei personally, even if it is the total department. Managers at the manager level do not have the right to sign the 50 yuan fee. They must be signed by Wang Donglei and the finance will be recognized. "Sometimes to do an activity, the general manager of our department didn't even have 50 yuan. The boss agreed, and the financial allocation was made. The 50,000 yuan went to the finances, and the boss's signature was useless."

The mysterious "gunner" broke the news and said, "To tell the truth, like Affiliate's several affiliates are here, Wang Donglei, he will not know? If the brand is damaged, he will not know?"

The NVC home lighting business referred to here is not packaged into the assets of listed companies of NVC Lighting.

In this regard, "High-tech LED" magazine has made an exclusive disclosure in the March 2014 issue of "Dhaohao Runda "Famous Face".

At that time, a person who had served as an executive in the NVC lighting sales system told the "High-tech LED" reporter that some of the most valuable home lighting assets such as NVC Lighting were not included in the listed company. The annual profit generated by the business unit of more than 1 billion yuan is almost the same as the net profit generated by the entire NVC Lighting listed company.

This part of the business has always been firmly in the hands of Wu Changjiang.

That is to say, even if Dehao Runda one day fully controls the assets of NVC Lighting's listed company, it will not be able to obtain the highest gross profit of this part of the business.

At the moment, Wu Changjiang has almost no retreat. And Wang Donglei's "same to the end" became the worst plan and the best way to lead the focus of public opinion.

On August 20th, Wu Changjiang said in Weibo: "Wang Donglei passed a paper fraudulent agreement to defraud trust to obtain the shareholding replacement of NVC, and then he did not implement the agreement, and now he has intensified his efforts to gamble on Dehao."

Wu Changjiang believes that he has sold huge profits for the Dalai Lama layout. Wang Donglei rescued Dehao with Lance, not only failed to honor the promise of borrowing 800 million, but also illegally intercepted the interests of the listed company Dehao Runda. Wang Donglei used the media to infringe on his reputation, in order to invade and take over the NVC board to preempt the NVC brand. The courts in Chongqing, Wanzhou and Huizhou have accepted the relevant lawsuits. “At that time, the agreement was signed to protect NVC, so that the interests of NVC are all in the future.”

For Wu Changjiang’s statement that Wang Donglei illegally intercepted and encroached on the interests of the listed company Dehao Runda, the mysterious gunman also said that “the so-called 'affiliation transaction”, Wang Donglei also did a lot, and more to die!”

At the time of Wu Changjiang’s microblog complaint, Wang Shilei’s control of NVC Lighting announced that Wu Changjiang’s younger brother, former vice president of NVC lighting operations, had broken the operation, NVC Lighting entered a state of emergency, and the board of directors decided to suspend the mine. The lighting company operates in Chongqing and establishes a temporary headquarters in the NVC Lighting Huizhou office.

"High-tech LED" reporter called Wu Changyong to ask about the situation, Wu Changyong said that it is not convenient to say anything now.

For Wu Changjiang Weibo accused Wang Haolei, chairman of Dehao Runda, suspected of illegally intercepting and encroaching on the interests of listed company Dehao Runda, "High-tech LED" reporter repeatedly called Dehao Runda, Secretary-General Deng Fei, has not yet obtained Reply.

With the further development of the follow-up state, "High-tech LED" will continue to follow the report.

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