The Friends of the Group, a subsidiary of the Grand United Group, announced the launch of TI's LED intelligent lighting solutions. The LED intelligent lighting solution needs to provide excellent and stable drive. Titanium (TI) tps92314 related products from WPG Group provide better performance with its high integration, high efficiency and high reliability.

The tps92314 is a power factor correction (power factor correction; PFC) off-line primary side sensor, and more specifically, it is an isolated primary side control critical mode PFC flyback. The controller operates in critical conduction mode and has a very small number of external components to simplify the design process. Applications include A19 series LEDs (E26, E27, E14), general LED lighting, and PWM control. (Off-line isolation or non-isolation required for control LED lighting applications and drive circuits included).

The tps92314 / 14a offline controller is designed to drive high power LED lighting related applications. Its functions include adaptive constant on-time control and quasi-resonant switching. Resonant switches allow for reduced EMI signatures and increased system efficiency. Therefore, the device uses a low number of external components and high integration. The tps92314/14a control algorithm adjusts the time reference to the primary side inductor peak current and the secondary side inductor discharge time dynamics, and its response time is determined by an external capacitor.

Overcurrent protection is achieved by the primary inductor cycle current limiting cycle of the current. Tps92314a has a higher OCP threshold, which is more suitable for general line applications, and tps92314 can optimize the cost of the system. Other management features of the tps92314 / 14a include VCC overvoltage protection, undervoltage lockout, output overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown LED controllers. The tps92314 / 14a is available in an 8-pin SOIC package.

The chip has the following features:

1, with adjustment of LED current without secondary side sensing;

2. Adaptive power factor correction inherent in real-time control;

3. Zero current detection (ZCD) of critical conduction mode (CRM) is a valley switch;

4. Programmable switch open delay;

5. Programmable constant time (COT);

LED Pool Light

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LED Pool Light

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