Central air conditioning into a consumer trend

Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for quality of life, and they are increasingly aware of energy conservation and environmental protection. While meeting the needs of daily life, they must also achieve low-carbon environmental protection, especially during the summer and the peak period of air-conditioning use. Avoid these air conditioning products become home "electric tiger" it?

In fact, the appearance of central air-conditioning has solved many consumers' troubles! Although the initial price of the central air conditioner is higher than that of the conventional split air conditioner, it has a higher advantage in overall aesthetics, space occupation, and energy efficiency.

At present, the total area of ​​existing buildings in China exceeds 43 billion square meters, and less than 1% of energy-efficient buildings with energy-efficient central air-conditioning are used. At present, the total area of ​​energy-saving buildings in China is only 230 million square meters, and the newly added 2 billion square meters of building area, the area and the number of green buildings are very limited, accounting for only 3%.

The relevant data shows that the energy consumption of public institutions is mainly composed of energy consumption of buildings, which accounts for 70% of the total energy consumption of public institutions. In the energy consumption of buildings, the use of air-conditioning is the most power-consuming device in building energy consumption. In all public buildings in Beijing, shopping malls account for 5% of the building area. The power consumption of central air-conditioning construction accounts for 35% of the city's building electricity consumption.

The advantages of home central air conditioning:


Each of the indoor central air conditioners for home use has an air outlet and a return air outlet. The air circulation is more reasonable and the indoor temperature is more uniform. It can maintain a constant temperature of ±1°C, giving people a very good feeling, especially the central air conditioning system of the water system. , The comfort is very high; and the traditional household wall hanging machine and the cabinet machine, it is very easy to show the airflow dead angle, the indoor temperature difference is obvious, easy to get the air conditioning disease.

Save space and show decoration levels:

The family's central air-conditioning indoor unit is shaded in the ceiling, which avoids occupying the same space as the locker, and brings more freedom to the furniture display, such as placing a flower stand in the place where the locker is placed; otherwise, The device method of “Tibetan” is beautiful and can be perfectly blended with decorative decoration. It can virtually promote the decorative function and level of the room, while the pipe lines of the general console and wall hanging machine are exposed and it is not beautiful.

Low cost of use:

The traditional split machine is greatly affected by the changes in the indoor environment temperature. The constant frequency air conditioner compressor starts frequently, consumes large power, and the constant temperature effect is not obvious. The central air-conditioning using DC inverter technology and new refrigerant technology, each indoor unit can be controlled independently, can be targeted to the room temperature regulation, easy to use, low power consumption. Moreover, the larger the room area, the more economical it is to install central air conditioning.

long lasting:

The service life of home split air conditioners (wall and cabinet) is between 5-8 years, while that of home central air conditioners is between 15-20 years. During this period, the service life of Trane Central Air Conditioning Water System is 25 In the year, if it is a ground source heat pump central air-conditioning system, the system has a life span of 50 years. Therefore, the operational life of central air-conditioning is at least twice that of home-use computers.

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