Should Microsoft Cloud Simulate Chrome?
Microsoft is developing a version of the Windows operating system based on the cloud, which is head-to-head with Google's Chrome OS, a PC-based operating system. The operating system is called Microsoft Windows Cloud. After connecting to the network, it will provide users with a full-featured operating system featuring a basic offline mode.
Although Microsoft has recently denied that the cloud-driven platform is part of a long-term battle against Google's activities, according to rumors, the operating system developed by Microsoft sounds similar to Google's Chrome OS.
David Bradshaw, research manager for European Software as a Service and International Data Corp., stated: "Almost sure that Microsoft has a team that specializes in developing cloud operating systems. How long it takes to publish depends on Microsoft's threat from Chrome OS. evaluation of."
Owen Rogers, a senior analyst with digital economy at 451 Research, said that if the cloud operating system is really being developed, it is likely to be related to mobile devices.
"More and more users are using tablets and mobile phones, but the technical capabilities of these devices are limited, such as storage space and processor power. Cloud technology has the potential of unlimited technology power and can be delivered at low cost."
The well-known Russian Windows system leaked website WZor said that Microsoft Cloud just revealed part of the update of other systems including Windows 8.2 and Windows 9.
The disclosed information did not explain the operating system's price, but some people have speculated that Microsoft is considering offering Windows 8.1 free of charge, and regarding the possibility of how big, Rogers and Bradshaw disagree.
Rogers pointed out: "Free-value software is a win-win for both consumers and suppliers. By providing a free operating system and infiltrating the market, Microsoft can not only obtain more paying customers, but also may make Windows operating systems produced by Microsoft. More popular, the company has started providing free office software for Apple tablets."
Bradshaw points out that although "Microsoft's new leadership collective wants to maintain operating system business through a range of alternative strategic options, including pricing, I don't think they will give profits to end-users, because that will break up." Current operating system revenue."

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