Beginning this year, the Guzhen Town Government and the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision will carry out the "Jointly Build Quality" campaign with the theme "Use quality to polish this lamp." The ancient town plans to use two years to strive to ensure that the qualified rate of lighting inspections is up to 70% (more than 70% to 80%), and it will strive to build a national LED lighting application testing center in the ancient town.

In the near future, the two parties also signed a memorandum to advance the "Quality Town" campaign, establish and improve the village-level grassroots quality supervision institution, deepen the promotion of "Qingyeyeye" activity of energy-saving lamps, crack down on the "three no" enterprises and carry out the government quality award. Review activities, vigorously implement brand-name driving strategies, strengthen quality and safety supervision, strengthen the construction of public inspection service platforms, vigorously carry out the promotion and use of high-quality signs in ancient towns, and ensure new breakthroughs in quality work.

They will also be “three ones”, namely the establishment of a quality research-oriented work team consisting of provincial and municipal quality legal/technical experts, quality law enforcement and inspection personnel, and representatives of government and enterprises. The quality of provincial and municipal towns will be held once a month. Work research meeting, develop a set of ancient town lighting product quality work system, to ensure the formation of "quality of force."

Activities required to focus on strengthening the service LED lighting industry, service lighting accessories market, quality of service signs, service association associations, service administrative villages. Including in my town to build a national LED lighting application testing center, in my town held in Zhongshan City, LED lighting companies to develop a standard meeting of the Union.

The “Jointly Build Quality” campaign will focus on the work of the town's quality center, give full play to the city's two levels of quality supervision and service functions, combine the actualities, integrate resources, promote communication, and strengthen linkages to ensure effectiveness. It will not only promote the quality and efficiency of the company, but will further promote the development of the “Quality Town” and “Quality and Quality Signs” activities, ensuring a steady improvement of the quality of lighting products in our town, and creating a “base, five” for our town. Center, a demonstration project "to provide quality assurance.

In addition, on March 14th, the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) held a symposium on the quality supervision system for energy-saving lamps in Guangdong in our town, focusing on energy-saving lamp certification services, supervision and spot checks, the credibility of inspection reports, and how to ensure product quality. Questions were exchanged and discussed.