AMD officially enters the Google Android platform After observing the Google Android system platform for a long time, AMD finally officially left the company and has already started recruiting engineers to develop Android drivers for AMD hardware products.

AMD has posted two recruitment notices on its official website. All of them belong to software engineering. One is to seek "Linux driver development engineers" and join its Linux basic graphics team. The main task is to develop a driver stack for the Android platform. And to meet the development trend of the Android ecosystem, in particular, candidates need to have video decoding accelerated development experience in the Android web browser or video player software, and then have more experience with webm and/or OpenMax.

The second announcement looked for the "MTS Android AMBA/Mipi Driver Architect". Its main responsibility is to develop and certify drivers on the new hardware platform. AMD requires candidates to be familiar with AMBA/Mipi/CSI/SPI device programming, including touchscreen controllers, GPS, compasses, accelerometers, mobile phones, cameras, and more. It is clear that AMD is to develop and optimize drivers for tablets and smartphones.

Two jobs are located in Toronto, Canada.