According to the Cnet website, a private company named Lemko filed a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility on Wednesday and accused Motorola Mobility of stealing mobile technology-related source code.

A Motorola mobile spokesperson said the company has not received a complaint and will not comment before assessing the suit.

This source code is related to a technique called locating entities. This technique involves how to locate the location of a mobile phone via satellite signals. This technology, combined with cellular towers, can drive Google Maps and Foursquare services.

According to the Lemko lawsuit, Motorola Mobile has admitted that Lemko's source code is on its server. This source code is used in at least one Motorola phone tested on the SprintNextel network.

The lawsuit may threaten Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola’s mobile transactions. Lemko has vowed to create obstacles to this acquisition.

A spokesperson for Lemko stated in the statement that Lemko will firmly protect its intellectual property rights and exercise its legal rights to prevent Motorola Mobile’s illegal sale. This acquisition will cause our source code to fall into the hands of Google.