-- Interview with Mr. Chen Zhicun, General Manager of Dafeng Lighting!
Since its inception, Dafeng Lighting has adhered to the brand strategy. After nearly ten years of steady and rapid development, Dafeng Lighting has become the first brand of low-voltage lamps in the country. The company's positioning is unique, with harmony as the starting point for the development of the company, and vigorously advocating a harmonious culture. The creation of the first brand of harmonious home lighting is the goal of all Dafeng people.
Dafeng Lighting, which has long been famous, its leading figures are low-key and rarely appear in the domestic media. Under the repeated invitation of the author, we finally met Mr. Chen Zhicun, the general manager of Dafeng Lighting. Mr. Chen’s face is kind and steady, and he has a good demeanor. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, we walked into the "harmonious" world of Dafeng Lighting with Mr. Chen.

The atmosphere of the king of the king, "Feng" Fan Confucius said: "If the name is not correct, then the words are not smooth, and the words are not good." Good brand name has a close relationship with the development of the enterprise. The brand name should not only be catchy, but also easy to remember. It must also be linked to the products and culture of the company. The most important thing is that the brand name must have a sense of advance and development, and must stand in the height of the lighting industry to grasp and choose. The name of the brand. Dafeng Lighting is undoubtedly a model for the successful naming of brands. "Big, it is a kind of temperament, a kind of chest, a sea of ​​rivers and rivers, and a capacity is great; Feng, Mao also, Sheng also, thriving, prosperous and prosperous. It can be described as a majestic atmosphere, Fang Xianwang "Feng" Fan." The word "Dafeng" is reminiscent of the big pattern of the enterprise, the atmosphere, the high quality of the products, and the high taste. This kind of positive association has a positive impact on the product and the enterprise. This influence will be released on a higher platform as the brand awareness increases.
The general review of the development of the Big Wave Taosha low-voltage lamp, Chen Zong feels a lot. In 1998, the factory was set up in Dongguan. The funds were scarce and the staff was insufficient. However, everyone worked together to build a solid foundation for the company with passion and sweat and complete the original accumulation. After the company began to take shape, it moved in 2000 and entered the ancient town of Dengdu. In retrospect, Mr. Chen said that this was a strategic adjustment and the company entered a period of rapid development. At that time, most of the company's brand awareness was not strong, and the habit of rushing to the top, and changing the product type like a lantern, formed a spurt. In the craze, Dafeng Lighting carefully conducted market research, carefully examined from all aspects of the company, and realized that it must have its own flagship product and become the top brand in the segmentation field to establish its own unique brand image. Soon, we saw that Dafeng Lighting frequently made moves: in 2001, the first high-pressure lamps were opened in the country, and the red and the north were all over the river. With this as an opportunity, the product chain was expanded to the low-voltage lamp field in 2002, due to the high-end product positioning and price positioning. Moderate, quality, fashionable, and once the product is available, it has been popular among consumers and has become a leader in the field of low-voltage lamps. Since 2002, Dafeng Lighting has not lost its momentum, and it is still the king of the country's well-known low-voltage lamps.
Turning over the history of Dafeng Lighting, the first volume is written: Do not experience the wind and rain, how to see the rainbow.
The trend of the creation of the first brand in peace of mind reflects the foresight and judgment of policy makers. Despite the good performance and good reputation, but looking to the future, the company has a long way to go to become a well-known brand. Which way to go? Only market-oriented, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, active adjustment and restructuring, can lead the enterprise to break through the development bottleneck and realize the transformation from the single category champion to the first brand of the home lighting series.
Mr. Chen told the author that at that time, he agreed to transform, but he was a home lighting person. How to stand out from it? How to position the company? And so on, the problem becomes another problem in front of you. Throughout the history of world development, it is essentially a harmonious history in which human beings seek balance in dynamics and constantly pursue peace and balance in peace. In China, building a harmonious society is the trend of the times and is recognized by various industries and all walks of life. The keen Dafeng Lighting quickly docked, and carried out a new analysis from the perspective of lighting. The company boldly and rationally positioned the company as a light harmony expert. The company's goal is to create the first brand of harmonious home lighting.
The move came quickly and accurately, and a wave of waves in the industry stirred up the sound of sighs and sighs. Behind the bustling, Dafeng people are ready to install and go all out to the road of transformation: establish a sound organizational structure, establish a domestic marketing center; channel construction, a terminal channel reform with the theme of “harmonious wind” will soon be opened; In product research and development, the product category was adjusted on the original basis, and the product series was fully expanded to: ceiling lamp series, energy-saving lamp series, bracket series, mirror headlight series, barrel spotlight series, etc.; brand building, with new VI Identifying the system to regulate the brand image, set off the image upgrade storm; in the corporate culture, the establishment of "Dafeng Lighting", the essay-writing activity with the theme of harmony is in full swing...
There is a saying: If you don't fly, you will fly to the sky; if you don't, you will have a blockbuster.
Dazhan plans to build a harmonious home Dafeng Lighting not only pays attention to the harmony of light, but also builds a harmonious enterprise from the inside out: internal harmony, achieving efficient work and barrier-free communication; harmonious environment, comfortable work and conditions, and talents Maximum potential; external harmony, to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises, consumers and distributors. Social harmony, Dafeng Lighting is willing to do its best to fulfill its social responsibilities and extend its love to those who do not enjoy the light of harmony...
Harmonious home, harmonious life is the dream of all the people in the world. At the forefront of the dream is a group of Dafeng people who are eager to run forward against the sun!