As some operators could not reach a cooperation agreement with Apple, this left a large market space for a number of leading Android mobile phone vendors. For example, for the current escalation of LTE construction, Chinese mobile phone brand HTC and South Korean mobile phone operator Samsung have all developed LTE mobile phones for operators to purchase. For example, T-Mobile, the US operator unable to cooperate with Apple, has already adopted HTC's Amaze 4G and Samsung's 4G Galaxy SII LTE smart phones. There is no doubt that, although not necessarily a better user experience, these 4G phones are at least more competitive in speed, screen, and price than the iPhone 4S.

However, some analysts said that with the intense competition with Android and Windows Phone handset makers, it is estimated that Apple will not exclude long-term partners such as China Mobile with a large number of users. Analysts inside the industry said that Apple may cooperate with similar hard-to-run operators to sell mid-range products such as the iPhone 3GS.