In the lighting industry, there has never been a lack of successful bosses, but there are still few bosses with unique ideas. Zhang Ronghua, general manager of Fu Wenhua Lighting, said in an interview with reporters that the way of thinking determines the way out, enterprises will not have a way out without paying attention to the brand. It is a company founded in recent years. It specializes in the manufacture of LED flat low-voltage lamps, acrylic flat low-voltage lamps, colorful positioning low-voltage lamps, and stainless steel series low-voltage lamps. It is also a low-voltage lamp market. The rising brand, although the company was established only a few years ago, but through the product innovation and brand maintenance, has won a good reputation in the market. Mr. Zhang Ronghua was an early gold digger in the Pearl River Delta. He had a dream and went to the "lights" to find a dream. He is not like a general worker, mechanically passively engaged in a specific job. Mr. Zhang does something or does not do it. Try to be perfect. It is this kind of disobedient character that makes him ready for his own independent entrepreneurship when he is working. Quality and technology are the road to the brand. When the company was founded, many people rely on products to make a bucket of gold. When the company has accumulated rich experience in products, the company has gradually grown from doing products. Brand. Mr. Zhang Ronghua told reporters that Fu Wenhua set the tone at the beginning of its business and must take the brand road. Therefore, the brand awareness of the company is quite strong. The purchase of raw materials and various spare parts are excellent and excellent; the production process The various process flows are strictly in accordance with the process standards, ensuring that the defective products are not allowed to flow into the next process, and the unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory, thus effectively ensuring the product quality. The reason why Fuwenhua Lighting is based on the market, the newcomer has a place, the product is unique in style, novel style and stable performance. The most noteworthy is that Fuwenhua Lighting has strong product development capabilities. Mr. Zhang told reporters that with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the vast number of consumers, especially the urban white-collar workers who have a higher pursuit of life, are more and more fond of the innovative design of products, so in order to meet the growing needs of consumers. Fuwenhua lighting new products are frequent, and the new products developed are relatively popular in the market.

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