At present, countries are actively promoting LED lighting plans, LED bulbs will be listed as a priority to import lighting products; LED street light switching plan is in full swing, estimated 2013 global LED lighting output value penetration will further increase nearly 2%. Several countries in Asia have made strategic deployments of LED industry development and product promotion as early as 3-4 years ago, such as Japan's '21st Century Lighting' program, South Korea’s 'Solid State Lighting Program', and Taiwan’s 'New Century Lighting Source Development Plan'. ', China's 'semiconductor lighting product application demonstration project' plan, these national semiconductor lighting planning reflects the importance of countries in the development of LED lighting industry, industrial economy and environmental energy efficiency.

In 2010, the total output value of China's LED industry reached 120 billion yuan, and the number of enterprises was close to 4,000. The average growth rate in the past five years was 35%, and in 2010 it exceeded 40%. In the next five years, the market size will reach 500 billion yuan. LED products have a wide range of applications, from automotive lighting to ordinary furniture lighting, to urban landscape lighting projects, street lighting, decorative lighting and many other areas, the market has great potential.

In the past 10 years, the cost of LED has been declining every year. In 2015, the price of LED products may be reduced to 1/5 in 2010. By then, the general lighting market penetration will increase to 50%. In 2020, LED lighting will have over 75% of the lighting market. The market share.

Asia's LED lighting industry has entered a period of golden development. Each company's positive and aggressive attitude has continuously injected new elements into the LED lighting industry and brought more intense competition. Traditional lighting companies are actively exploring LED lighting product lines. Semiconductor-based manufacturing companies are also focusing on the improvement of LED light quality. The huge potential of emerging industries has stimulated a large number of rising stars, and its rapid catch-up pace has caused pioneer companies to dare not. Lax. Under the constraints of various factors, Asian LED industry will inevitably experience a period of chaotic competition.

China : The huge market potential and low production costs attract LED investment fever, and the trial penetration of LED lighting has rapidly increased;

Taiwan : Use of resource integration and close cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait to create unique competitive advantages;

South Korea : The large group continuously cuts in, invests in LED lighting industry production and R&D, and actively attacks the LED lighting market.

Japan : Mastering various patents for active research and development and establishing the market's top technology positioning.