On the afternoon of November 10, 2011, the 8th China International Semicon Lighting Forum, one of the largest annual events in the semiconductor lighting industry, ended in a warm and solemn atmosphere. At the closing ceremony of the Forum, the National Semiconductor Lighting Research and Development Wu Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the Industry Alliance, released the “2011 China Semiconductor Lighting Industry Annual Report” to the General Conference. The report is divided into three parts: “Introduction to the basic overview of the industry, the future of industrial development, and suggestions and considerations for the development of the industry”. .

In this important report, Deputy Secretary-General Yu Jun first put forward: "This year is the start-up year of the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan'. Whether it is the work of the Ministry of Science and Technology, or the work of the National Development and Reform Commission and related departments, it can be called the start-up year. Many related LED policies are being formulated in succession, including the forthcoming 12th five-year plan for green lighting. It should be said that policies have been developing in a favorable direction. In particular, Deputy Director of the Division of Circum-Circuits, National Development and Reform Commission Xie Ji held a phase out of incandescent lighting in Beijing on Friday. In the news briefing on the road map, two days ago, a friend of mine and I learned that the stock market has soared after the meeting. It should be said that government policies have played an important role in promoting the development of the industry."

Regarding the development of the semiconductor lighting industry in 2011, the “Report” also made the following summary: “In the past year, the gap between China’s LED technology and the international level has gradually narrowed, and certain progress has been made in application. The industrial development is becoming more and more complete, and the scale of the industry is constantly expanding, and the total output value is expected to be 157 billion yuan this year. In addition, in the key materials and equipment, the current MOCVD growth is still very fast. Last year, the installation was already 300, and now More than 600 units, but the amount of planning is much larger, may exceed 1500. Recently, from the perspective of some companies, this speed has been slowing down, while the current domestic expansion capacity, chip production capacity is mainly concentrated in the low End application, it should be said that there is a risk of structural overcapacity."

“In terms of applications, the two years of development are relatively fast, and progress has been made in many aspects, including the type of production, the scale of application, and the application fields. In addition to applications such as landscapes, display screens, and road lighting, this year's indoor lighting applications Should become a mainstream, general lighting market is already starting to start, but at the same time we also see that the industry's concentration is still very low, the top ten companies only have a 16.5% market share, there are other problems, For example, patents are concentrated in the downstream, there is a lack of investment in public platforms for R&D, there is still a need for improvement in the standard system, investment focus is too concentrated, and the market is not as expected.”

"For the future development of China's semiconductor lighting, we launched some important measures from the perspective of the alliance. The first is about the 'National Joint Key Laboratory of Innovation' (Capital). On the opening ceremony of this forum, the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Cao Jianlin, made it clear. It is proposed to establish a 'State Key Laboratory' relying on alliances to fully combine the needs of the research units and the industry through a joint innovation approach; currently, the laboratory will establish a preliminary operating mechanism based on the units of the science and technology support program. It must be a long-term and open mechanism. Next year, we will gradually unveil the joint work with foreign institutions and companies. This will also require the joint participation of research institutions and manufacturers at home and abroad."

The next few years should be the most critical period for the development of the semiconductor lighting industry. Which companies can win? In this regard, the "Report" also put forward some suggestions: companies should focus on integration capabilities, but also have some unique products and technologies; can be applied in a number of subdivided applications, with systematic integration capabilities, Strong brand influence and market channels. ”

For the overall development of China's semiconductor lighting industry, Deputy Secretary-General Jun Jun also put forward several suggestions from the perspective of the alliance: “The first point is about the 'State Joint Key Laboratory of Innovation', on the opening day of this forum, technology Deputy Minister Cao Jianlin proposed to set up a 'State Key Laboratory' relying on the coalition. At present, it is mainly through the units of the science and technology support program to establish a preliminary operation mechanism. This mechanism must be a long-term and effective open mechanism. We will put it next year. The joint work of laboratories with foreign institutions and companies has been publicized in succession, which also requires the joint participation of various research institutions and companies at home and abroad."

“In addition, this year the Union has also accelerated the promotion of standards, especially the formulation of national standards and standards, and the Alliance has guided the innovation of products and technologies through the form of technical specifications. It has issued 12 technical specifications and has passed joint inspection agencies. Some data on the release of devices and the use of products can provide some support for the healthy use of the industry, and provide a very direct basis for market promotion, including the subsequent inclusion of government subsidies;"

“Lastly, on behalf of the organizing committee of the conference, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters, co-organizers and sponsors that have strongly supported and participated in this forum's cooperation! Representatives at home and abroad such as government, industry, academics, research, and applications attending this forum. I express my heartfelt gratitude for the great concern and wide support! Opportunities and challenges, mission and will, competition and cooperation, innovation and development have been integrated and condensed in these three days of the event. Now I declare that the 8th China International Semiconductor The lighting forum triumphantly closed, let us see you in the coming year!"