Motto: Integrity-based.
The happiest thing: the contribution to the lighting industry has been recognized by people from all walks of life, and was elected as "the top ten outstanding figures in China's first lighting industry."
The most memorable thing: In 1988, it was decided to bring the Vatican crystal lamp to the mainland.

The selection campaign played a very good role in promoting

Reporter: Mr. Huang, good evening, congratulations on your election as "the top ten outstanding figures in China's first lighting industry." Have you ever thought that there will be so many people voting for you?
Huanghe Mountain: As far as the history, brand and performance of Vatican is concerned, it should be said that it has a place in the lighting industry. Of course, in addition to the efforts of the Vatican lighting itself, this is inseparable from the long-standing and consistent love that people from all walks of life have given us. Thanks again to the "Guzhen Lighting News" and so many enthusiastic voters, without their strong support and enthusiastic participation, there will be no birth of this industry event.
Reporter: When you remember to give you a phone call, I feel that you have a deep feeling for this selection activity, and your opinions are very unique. Can you tell us your opinion?
Huanghe Mountain: Yes, China's lighting industry has grown from scratch, from weak to strong, from disorderly competition to orderly operation. This process has its contingency and inevitability. This selection campaign has played a very good guiding role. It is not only a recognition and encouragement for successful lighting companies, but also provides valuable experience for lighting companies eager to succeed, and has played a role in the future development of small and medium-sized lighting enterprises. Very good pointing.

"Entering the White House is the goal we are striving for"

Reporter: In the candidate list of this selection activity, you are known as the "father of the crystal lamp". What kind of conditions do you think should be commensurate with the reputation of "the goddess of crystal lamp"?
Huangheshan: Thank you for giving me this reputation. In the process of opening up the market and innovating, the Vatican lighting has indeed made its due contribution to the cultivation of talents in the field of crystal lamps. I believe that the "father of the crystal lamp" must have a good market acumen and a spirit of constant innovation.
Reporter: Everyone knows that the crystal lamp of Vatican entered the Great Hall of the People in Beijing long ago. Do you have the confidence to bring the crystal lights of Vatican into the White House?
Huanghe Mountain: In fact, while entering the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the Vatican lighting has entered various high-end luxury places around the world, such as Chinese embassies, consulates and the world in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Singapore, Somalia. Many well-known buildings. Bringing the Vatican Crystal Light into the White House is also one of our goals.

Investing in the mainland

Reporter: I hope that Huang’s goal is to achieve zero creative achievements and glory in the years. It is the concept of the Vatican. The Vatican company will soon enter the age of standing. Can Huang Zong’s 29 years of ups and downs What do industry people share?
Huanghe Mountain: The Vatican Lighting was founded in the early 1970s. In 1988, Hong Kong moved to Changping, Dongguan. Thanks to the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the lighting of the Vatican has quickly embarked on a high-speed road of sound development. In 1993, the Vatican lightings entered the Great Hall of the People. This can be seen as our first milestone. In the next 10 years, our products are all over the world. The lighting project of Shanghai's tallest building, Shanghai Jinmao Tower and Hong Kong Walt Disneyland, is the second and third milestone of Vatican Lighting Co., Ltd. The joys and sorrows of the Vaticans have all melted into every joy of success.
Reporter: In the process of starting a business, what is the biggest turning point of your personal or Vatican?
Huanghe Mountain: It should be that in 1988, the company was moved from Hong Kong to Dongguan Changping. Although the mainland's reform and opening up policy had been implemented for nearly a decade, many people still took a wait-and-see attitude toward whether to invest in the mainland. Our decision to enter the mainland market was later proved to be a wise move.
Reporter: How did this wise move affect the Vatican company and even the domestic crystal lamp market?
Huanghe Mountain: I can briefly summarize the following points:
The first is to lead the trend of domestic crystal lighting. As the first crystal lighting manufacturer to enter the mainland, Vatican has quickly gained market recognition with its refreshing design concept and colorful dream products. It is precisely because of the success of the lighting of the Vatican, the crystal lighting in the mainland is in the ascendant. In 1993, the Vatican Crystal Light was selected by the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, thus establishing the market position of the "China's first lamp" of the Vatican crystal lamp.
The second is to create the "Vatican" brand. I am more willing to understand the brand as a business philosophy. The registration of a common trademark to a brand reflects the company's managers and managers' understanding of the business philosophy. Earlier I said three milestones in the history of the Vatican. They spanned a period of 10 years, which shows that we are cautious about brand maintenance.
Once again, it is to train talents. People familiar with history know that during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period of China and the Three Kingdoms period, the flow of talents and their contribution to social development is the highest in ancient times. The history of the development of the Vatican in mainland China in 1988 can also be said to be the history of cultivating talents for the domestic crystal lighting industry. As you said in the "Old Town Lighting News": Vatican is the "Whampoa Military Academy" in the crystal lighting industry. I think it is well deserved.

Constantly develop and innovate, take your own path

Reporter: Many of the audiences who came to the scene today are the bosses and employees of SMEs. As successful entrepreneurs, they all want to use you as a model for learning. Do you have any words or experiences to tell you?
Huanghe Mountain: Integrity is the foundation of the industry. In the process of starting a business, we must not use counterfeit other brands, and use the unfair competition means such as sub-filling to enter the market and continue to explore and innovate and take our own path. Only in this way can we be in an invincible position in the tide of the market economy. (Reporter Lu Zuhui, reporter of the newspaper)

Character impression

Huanghe Mountain, 50 years old, was born in Fujian. In 1974, he founded the Vatican Lighting Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong.
In this selection campaign, individual candidate companies mobilized their employees, relatives and friends, upstream suppliers and downstream distributors to vote, and even used local government forces to contract Internet cafes to vote online. However, Mr. Huang Heshan believes that the "China's first lighting outstanding figures" is a comprehensive assessment of the value of life in the society. What have we done for the lighting industry? How big is the contribution? This should be assessed by a wide range of industry professionals (except for the company's own employees), and everyone elected must be able to withstand historical testing.