brief introduction:

Herman Miller, the giant of American furniture dealers, whose products bear witness to the development of American design. Leaf Light is their new LED table lamp (LED is no longer a trend, but a trend), exhibited at ICFF 2006, the designer is the famous Yves Béhar and his fuseproject.

Leaf Light's two aluminum leaves are connected by a simple hinge. The top three rows of raised spores are fitted with 20 LED lights, each with a fine hole for heat dissipation (no fan required), head and The neck also has a heat sink that allows heat to be transferred to the base for dissipation. Thanks to this efficient heat dissipation design, you can operate the lamp at any time. The base has a dimmer that has an effect demonstration on Leaf Light's dedicated website that adjusts the brightness and color of the light (cool and warm, and feels like the iPod's flywheel). Of course, the lamp head can be replaced according to personal preference. Leaf Light saves about 40% energy compared to regular light bulbs, with a lifespan of 100,000 hours and a price of $525.

Yves Béhar is also a very telling story designer. "I think the purpose of design is not just to show us the future, but to bring us to the future," and Leaf Light and Yves Béhar have other fascinating designs. There is a very appropriate and comfortable balance between commercial and original design, between technology and form, between the relatively awkward brand culture and the reachable design appeal, between fresh and sexy...there is an elegant slim streamlined, It can be compared with the BIOLITE EON table lamp designed by Ross Lovegrove for Yamagiwa.