Due to the obvious advantages of environmental protection and energy saving of LED lighting, various countries are actively promoting LED lighting plans. The LED street lamp driving power source is one of the key components constituting the LED street lamp. One LED street lamp is configured with one LED street lamp driving power source. By 2013, the penetration rate of global LED lighting output will further increase, and the demand for LED driving power will also increase, making the LED driving power enter a stage of rapid development.

Shang Pu consulting electronics industry analysts believe that the current LED industry is in a growing period, with the continuous development of LED lighting technology, companies continue to enter, LED industry rapid development. However, an important factor in the failure of LED lamps is in the power supply. Therefore, solving the main contradiction requires solving the power supply problem. The quality of the power supply depends on factors such as the material, process, environment, and post-maintenance of the power supply.

In recent years, some companies are optimistic about the development prospects of the LED lighting industry, so the transition from ordinary power to LED power. Therefore, there are some problems in the development of the LED power supply market. At present, most LED power supply production companies are making LED power conversions, and the awareness of the characteristics and use of LEDs is not enough. The company's technical personnel who produce LED lighting products do not know enough about the switching power supply; There is no set of unified standards for driving power, resulting in vicious competition among low-cost and low-quality LED power companies and mutual slander, affecting the long-term development of enterprises and the orderly development of the industry.

The development of LED driver power companies urgently needs to break through the bottleneck: including product specifications, brands, prices, channel construction, and marketing models. As the industry's market expands and companies continue to compete, the LED power supply industry will experience a stable situation after undergoing a reshuffle.

According to the 2009-2012 China Power Market In-Depth Survey and Research Report released by Champion Consulting, LED lighting will grow rapidly in the next 3-5 years, and LED lighting drive power will also burst into huge demand at this stage. The relevant departments expect that the number of LED driver power supplies in China will exceed 7 million units in 2013, and the market scale will be expanded to 1.75 billion.