In China's LED industry, which is regarded as a new industry for green energy lighting, due to the vicious competition in the market and the reduction of export orders, LED downstream businesses such as the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta have advanced to winter. This year, 80 companies in Shenzhen have already received a share of the market. Local media alleged that the mainland's LED industry collapse will further deteriorate next year.

LED is regarded as a promising emerging industry by the two sides of the strait, and China has actively promoted policies to promote it. However, with the current global economic turmoil, the green energy industry will not escape the recession.

Guangzhou's Yangcheng Evening News reported that the LED industry, once touted in the market, is no longer shining. Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Foshan and other Pearl River Delta LED manufacturing centers have recently reported that the factory was closed and the owner was running.

For this wave of LED industry cold weather, Shenzhen City Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Association Honorary President Wang Diantang revealed that according to his investigation, this year more than 80 LED companies in Shenzhen have gone bankrupt or liquidated; the same situation also occurred in Dongguan, Zhongshan. The industry alleged that about 10% of LED companies in Zhongshan this year have closed down. “Some companies are still dealing with the first two months and they have disappeared in two months.”

Jiangsu Wenrun Optoelectronics ranked 48th among the 3,600 LED manufacturers in the entire mainland. Zhang Haibin, deputy general manager of the company, said in an interview with this newspaper yesterday (14th) that the mainland LED industry is entering a severe reshuffle process, especially in recent years. The large number of LED manufacturers competing to enter the mainland to establish a factory, although it is conducive to providing convenience for mainland companies to purchase on-site, but also deepen market competition, "the stronger the stronger the situation in the future will be more obvious."

Mainland industry authorities boldly predicted that the greater storm in the LED industry is likely to erupt next year, when more companies will close down. Wu Yulin, chairman of the Foshan Lighting Association, said that in recent years it has only swept traditional lighting. Turned into the LED industry, "there will be many LED companies that will die next year, and possibly even early this year and early next year."

Mainland LED manufacturers said that due to the poor economic situation in Europe and the United States this year, LED foreign orders have been reduced; on the other hand, excessive investment in the LED market led to vicious competition and further reduce profits. A practitioner from the Pearl River Delta said, "A lot of LED companies in Shenzhen have switched from electronics to electronics. We have seen that LED companies have made money and they have come to an end. They don't talk about quality or core technology. This kind of company can't be blamed."