Ivy Bridge: 1.4 Billion Transistors Supports DDR3-2800 Intel Vice President Mooly Eden confirmed this morning at IDF2011 that the next-generation CPU Ivy Bridge quad-core CPU will integrate 1.4 billion transistors, which is about 20% higher than Sandy Bridge's 1.16 billion; and the growth of integrated transistors seems to be mainly used in Ivy Bridge. The improvement of the GPU, this figure is more progress than a Tick in the road map, so Intel classified Ivy Bridge as Tick+. In terms of GPU improvements, it is no pressure to decompress 25 Full HD video streams at the same time.

At the same time, Ivy Bridge's improvements in memory and overclocking include:

- Mobile CPU supports DDR3L (low voltage DDR3)

—Maximum CPU multiplier from 57 to 63

- Changing the multiplier without restarting, only one register overwrite operation is required - Maximum support for DDR3 memory frequency up from 2133 to 2800