Nintendo figured out the new host to force To mention Nintendo's game consoles, whether it is home consoles or handhelds, one of the biggest criticisms is: First, the rough picture! Although its innovative gameplay compensates for the adverse effects of some of the bad pictures, it is still dubbed by some players as "full screen gameplay." II: Extreme lack of cooperation with third parties. Maybe it is too self-confident with its own products (Wii ships more than 86 million units worldwide, far more than Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's XBox360), and Nintendo tends to promote its own games. Coupled with the flaws of its own machine screen, many third-party game makers are reluctant to launch games on the Wii, so we have seen the Assassin's Creed version of PS3 and XBox360, but there is no Wii version (PC version is not discussed in this article There are many similar situations like this, such as the Ninja Dragon Sword, the Hunting Angel Witch, and so on.

Nintendo figured out

This year's E3 has changed a lot. Perhaps the XBox360's Kinect has put its own somatosensory technology behind people. Maybe it can no longer tolerate the inferior quality. Nintendo announced a new generation of Wii consoles. Named: Wii U, homonym "We You". This new model finally gave Nintendo a chance to get rid of the “full screen gameplay” and first promoted to 1080P HD. Although this upgrade made Nintendo's stock price drop, it brought many third-party game makers to be optimistic. EA and Activision Blizzard's CEO all expressed at E3 that "Wii U will be a growth opportunity for the video game industry." In addition, the upgrade of this picture will also attract more players to the core, after all, the previous Wii only slightly better than the PS2 picture scare off some of these consumers.

A new host to force <br> <br> Of course, if you think the Wii U only high-definition version of the Wii, you're wrong. Nintendo did not forget his old line: creativity, focusing on the handle. When Wii was released, its handle caused a sensation, and Wii U's handle shocked our eye again: In addition to the conventional buttons and Bluetooth remote control, it also features a 6.2-inch touch screen, similar to a tablet computer. When people play on TV, this extra screen can provide all kinds of information and produce more gameplay. When not connected to the TV, the handle can also be used alone as a game device.

Currently, the hardware parameters of the Wii U are still unknown. The most important CPU and GPU official are just the general IBM Power multi-core processor and the RV770 graphics core graphics card from AMD (equivalent to the Radeon HD 4800 series on the PC). From here it can be seen that the Wii U configuration has exceeded the PS3 and XBox 360. Predictive analysis said that Wii U's performance will exceed half of the PS3/XBox 360, but Ubisoft, which has developed games for this new console, declined to comment on the performance of Wii U. In addition, the "Father of Mario," Miyamoto Miyagi In an interview, he also said that Nintendo will consider the user's acceptance and control costs, so performance will not exceed the existing host too much. deliberately? Still modest? Can be announced in 2012.

In any case, Nintendo's new console has finally reached the stage of the next era, and still does not forget his ideas, let us wait and see whether Nintendo's high-definition journey will come to a good start.