The number of color bits is also referred to as bit depth or color depth, where the bit depth is usually represented by the number of bits of data of the color at each pixel point: the color depth is expressed by a power of two. The bit depth and the color depth indicate the most variety of colors and gray levels obtained when the scanner samples each pixel. When you scan the graph with the power-bit mode, the scanned image is in black and white colors: If you scan in grayscale (8bit) mode, you will create a lively 56-level grayscale: If you scan in RGB (24bit) mode It will generate 16 777 216 (2 of the 24th power) colors. Most drum scanners can automatically scan in CMYK mode: some flatbed scanners and film/light transmissive scanners are scanned by software. The scans are scanned in RGB and then divided by software. Color, converted to CMYK mode.