On the 14th, the domestic iron concentrate market maintained its stability and the market did not fluctuate over the weekend. In some areas, the offer price rose, but the actual turnover was still weak. The import ore market was temporarily stabilized and the enquiries were weakened. The purchase of steel mills ceased and wait-and-see sentiment spread. The imported laterite nickel ore market remained stable and the transaction was depressed. On the 11th, the shipping market stopped turning up and down, and the decline was relatively small. The massive delivery and overcapacity of new ships dragged down the market.

On the 14th, the pig iron market improved slightly, the number of inquiries for customers increased, and the inventory of manufacturers began to decrease. As the prices of steel billets and steel products increased, market confidence recovered. The direct-reduced iron market as a whole was operating weakly. Mainstream market players generally reflected weak downstream purchases. Spot prices were basically the same as last Friday. On the 14th, billet prices in most parts of the country were tentatively pulled up slightly. The turnover on weekends was not good and there were few new orders. On the 14th, the scrap market as a whole held steady, stabilized, and the market transactions were normal. The prices of individual steel prices rose slightly. The market of waste stainless steel is stable, and turnover has been unsatisfactory in the recent period.

On the 14th, the domestic coal-burning coal market was weak, and the downstream demand was still relatively light. The coal price was temporarily stable and the transaction was poor. The anthracite market can still operate as a whole. The thermal coal market in coastal ports has been operating smoothly and the transactions have weakened; the inland thermal coal market has been operating stably and resources in some regions have been tight. The price of coking coal is stable and the market transactions are normal. On the 14th, the import coal market maintained its primary stability. Except for the Vietnam anthracite price rising slightly, other coals maintained the trend of weak consolidation and the transactions were relatively light. The atmosphere in the coke market was normal and some market prices continued to adjust. The Lanzhou charcoal market maintained its consolidation trend, and the transaction remained stable. The price of Lanzhou charcoal in the Shenfu area continued to decrease.

On the 14th, the imported manganese ore spot market remained stable and the transaction was weak. The price of imported chrome ore was temporarily stable and the inquiry increased. Ordinary alloy ferrosilicon market continues to weaken; manganese alloy market continues to weaken; chromium alloy market price weakness, confidence is obviously insufficient. The market of special alloys and ferromolybdenum has little fluctuation and the transactions are deserted; the market of vanadium-based alloys is not volatile and the volume of sales is light.