"How far can you go and see who you are with." This is a phrase often hanged by entrepreneurs. But who really understands the truth?

For the lighting industry, the success or failure of dealers is not directly determined by the company, but the role played by the company can be said to be very important. This is mainly because the problems of the company in terms of brand, products and services will eventually be reflected in the market.
According to some dealers in Linyi, Shandong, when choosing a brand to operate, in addition to the quality of the products, we must also choose the brand according to the local market positioning. This is mainly because, whether it is a first-line brand or a second- and third-line brand, the quality of the product must first be ensured, and this is something that many manufacturers cannot consistently adhere to.
In addition, while ensuring the quality of the products, it is also necessary to talk with the company about all aspects of cooperation, so as to avoid unnecessary differences in the process of cooperation. The second is to find a brand that is suitable for their own price, because the price is the most sensitive to consumers.
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