The latest survey shows that most manufacturers are optimistic about LED market growth as Led Lighting applications are becoming more widespread and the prices of vacuum diodes and other major components continue to fall.

Due to the wide application of LED lighting, domestic and international market demand will increase significantly. The relevant information comes from the latest information on China's LED lighting industry procurement information released by Global Sources.

Report publisher Fang Naiguang quoted research data to reporters that in daily lighting applications, LED lighting has accelerated to become the mainstream of the market, more obvious in some developed countries in Europe and America, and this trend will promote the development of LED lighting products more diversified . At the same time, suppliers in Greater China are working to improve product performance and application flexibility to enhance their export competitive advantage.

According to the report, the vast majority of LED lighting suppliers surveyed plan to increase their investment in versatile lighting applications, as well as improve optical and lighting design and increase light output and quality in the coming months.

In addition, most suppliers in Greater China expect strong export growth, with the EU as the main export destination. District Naiguang introduced: 81% of the major suppliers surveyed in Greater China expect that the export sales of LED lighting will increase by more than 10% with the market demand, and they will also expand production scale and produce more types. Lighting products to meet these needs.
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