Zhengzhou: 20-25% growth

There are 240 lighting (lighting) dealers in Zhengzhou operating downlights, including 19 specialty stores, 7 shop-in-shops and 214 integrated stores. The main brands are: NVC, Benbang, Pinshang, Sidon, Jiamei, Southeast, Delta, Lake, Dongpu, Mingpai, Kecai and so on.

According to the survey, sales of Zhengzhou downlights have increased by 20-25%. The main reason for the increase in real estate construction is the continuous expansion of market capacity, and the promotion of manufacturers is also increasing. However, there are too many businesses operating similar products, the market is fiercely competitive, the price war is fierce, the profit margin is reduced, and the consumer brand awareness is becoming a confusion in the hearts of the business.

More influential downlight merchants

Deruipu Lighting Co., Ltd.

Meijiamei Lighting

Benbang International Lighting New Zhongfei Lighting

Southeast Lighting Zhenglin Lighting

Jinyu Lighting Light Lighting

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