New Philips Extreme Light X-tremePower Halogen Car Headlights

Philips Automotive Lighting China has announced the launch of this innovative product - the new Philips X-tremePower halogen headlights, the brightest automotive lights on the market today. Extremely light X-tremePower headlights are tailor-made for car enthusiasts who have a dual need to improve the appearance of their car and improve lighting performance. The visibility of driving at night is greatly improved, giving the driver unprecedented road observation capability, greatly increasing the early warning time, making the vehicle hazard easier to detect in advance.

The X-tremePower headlights feature innovative technology that produces 80% more beam brightness and 25 meters more light than conventional headlights. The head and base of this headlight are mainly made of chrome. The unique blue coating on the quartz glass gives off a cool white light. The shape is passionate and eye-catching, making your car truly outstanding.

Philips X-tremePower X-tremePower is designed for car enthusiasts who want to improve their car performance. The light is very bright, making the field of vision clearer and in line with national road lighting regulations. It was a great success when it was launched at the Automechanika exhibition in Germany last September. Subsequently, he won several awards in Europe and the United States (2007 Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award from the United States and Accessory of the Year 2007 2007 Auto Parts Award from European Auto Express). We are now bringing this award-winning product to the Asia Pacific region, and we believe that the success history of this product can be continued here. Mr. Andre Kabel, Director of Marketing and Sales, Asia Pacific, Philips Automotive Lighting Group, expressed the product's Praise.

The X-tremePower headlights are available in H4, H7 and 9006 models and are fully compliant with EU regulations (E1) and are used directly in place of regular lights. In keeping with the tradition of Philips lighting products, another feature of X-tremePower lamps is their UV-resistant quartz glass, which filters out the harmful UV rays that cause the plastic headlights to turn yellow, ensuring their durability.

X-tremePower is a new milestone in the field of headlights, and its light is even more exciting.


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