Jianxiang Bridge is located at the intersection of North Fourth Ring Road and Badaling Expressway. It is an important traffic artery in Beijing. It is the main gateway to the main venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It is the main road from the Badaling Great Wall and entering the urban area. Jianxiang Bridge has a wide view, the bridge has distinct layers, beautiful curves and dynamic. The curve of the Jianxiang Bridge curved lamp is consistent with the bridge body curve. It takes the meaning of flying and adopts LED light source. The shape is simple and modern, which enhances the rhythm of the bridge body and has a feeling of flying into the sky.

The Jianxiang Bridge landscape lighting project was designed and constructed by Beijing Hailan Qili Lighting Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. and won the first prize of the 2007 Beijing Excellent Lighting Project. The cultural theme of Jianxiang Bridge landscape lighting is: dancing, vitality, the combination of Olympic culture and Chinese traditional culture; the integration of sports and dance; the rhythm of the bridge and the vitality of the movement. The cultural theme comes from “China's India • Dancing Beijing”; the “higher, faster and stronger” Olympic spirit; the dancing sleeves in Beijing opera; the dynamic and beautiful curves of the bridge; and the urban vitality of Beijing, an international metropolis Convergence.
Through the investigation and analysis of the surrounding environment of the bridge body, the multiple observations and analysis of the physical features, as well as the development trend of night lighting and the development of lighting technology, infiltrating the consideration of historical and cultural factors, reflecting its strong regional characteristics through illumination, through the bridge The analysis of the body shape gives it outstanding characteristics, and uses high-tech lighting techniques to reflect the development trend of the lighting industry and a sense of the times.