The National Lighting Standardization Committee Lighting Standards Subcommittee held 14 national standards (systems, revisions) review meetings in Hangzhou, of which 10 were revised and four were newly developed. The standard review will cover a wide range of product standards, including fixed-type luminaires, recessed luminaires and portable luminaires listed in the “CCC”, as well as buried lamps, nightlights, etc., which have been used in recent years in China. The latter two standards are newly formulated.
After the implementation of the standard review of the new review, the lighting industry should pay attention to three changes:

1. The national standard (system, revision) of the lighting products involved in this standard review meeting is equivalent to the latest version of the IEC standard. Last year, GB7000.1 submitted for review and approval has been approved and promulgated by the National Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the National Standardization Administration. It will be implemented on January 1, 2009. The national standard (system, revision) of the lighting products reviewed at the standard review meeting is equivalent to the latest version of the IEC international standard. The new version of GB7000 will be implemented in 2009 when it is promulgated and implemented. 1 Execution together. In the future, the review and application of the “CCC” certification will be carried out in accordance with the new standards. Although the transition period is in 2008, the new version and the old version can be carried out at the same time when the certificate is changed and applied. As a production enterprise, it must be predictable and renewed. And the new application must adopt the new version, in order to avoid the need to change the board after the implementation in 2009, increase unnecessary costs, but pay attention to the new version of the anti-shock level in the zero category has been eliminated;

2. In view of the current situation of LED light source development, all the new product standards adopted for the review are clearly defined as “electric light source” for the light source, and LEDs are specified for the special requirements. This is a clear idea for the domestic market whether users or manufacturing companies think that the current LED lamps have no national standards.

3. For buried lamps that were previously listed as “CCC”, there is no national standard. The standard for embedded lamps is used in the certification. The national standard for buried lights passed this standard has ended the national standard without buried lights. History, where various safety requirements are quite different from embedded luminaire standards. Therefore, the review and new applications of the “CCC” certification will be implemented according to the new standards, and manufacturers should pay attention to the changes.

Prior to the standard meeting, the TC05 expert group of the lighting industry under the National Certification and Accreditation Administration also held an expert group meeting in Shanghai to address the problems existing in the current certification process, the expansion of “CCC” projects, and the traceability specifications of laboratories. Explore.

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