On November 2nd, in order to thank consumers for their long-term support and love for Philips Lighting, Philips Lighting Company launched a “shopping gift, save money and energy saving” promotion during the Zouqu Lighting Festival. From November 2nd to 3rd, anyone who purchases Philips lighting products T5 Ruyi bracket, TLD80 tube and EBE electronic ballast in China Lighting City can get gifts such as tool sets or trolley cases. Philips Lighting Company members and the participants of the Lighting Festival conducted a "darts" interactive mini-game, and Bob Pro, the vice president of Philips Lighting Asia Pacific, attracted a large number of attendees to stop. According to Wang Rugang, a Philips lighting salesperson, the event was the national roadshow of Philips Lighting, which was just a catch-up to the Zouqu Lighting Festival. The lively lighting festival made the event unexpected.

Fairy tale lighting allows Nanning consumers to understand fairy tale charm Sanxiong? Aurora lighting in Hefei take a taxi Schneider Electric and Vanke into a strategic partner NVC electrician store in Zunyi City Yan'an Road, the fifth lighting to let the fairy tale lighting into Guiyang Changyun Electric New product CY108-608 patented



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