The slowdown in the growth of color TV industry is a foregone conclusion. According to the latest statistics from China Yikang, the growth rate of black electricity in the first half of the year dropped sharply from 24.9% to 1.6%. Recently, market research agency Displaysearch lowered the forecast for global LCD TV shipments in 2011, down from 225 million units at the beginning of the year to 210 million units.

At the same time, all Japanese and South Korean TV giants including Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung suffered a total loss in the second quarter, and the top five panel makers in the world also collectively suffered huge losses. In order to find a breakthrough in the unfavorable situation in which the growth of the industry slows down, technological upgrading has become an opportunity for color TV companies to seek breakthroughs. Do not relax the layout of the cloud TV, eliminate 2D TV, popularization of 3D TV has become the common choice of color TV giants. A few days ago, Skyworth Guangzhou recently stated to the South exclusively that from the peak season of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Skyworth was the first in the Guangzhou market to announce the elimination of 2D TVs and the full popularity of 3D TVs.

3D sales in Guangzhou account for up to 40%

Zhong Zhifeng, General Manager of Skyworth Group's Guangzhou Branch, disclosed that "Skywell Co., Ltd. has entered the accelerated acceleration period for smart 3D from March to September, and 3D sales have accounted for 40% of the market in Guangzhou." This year's National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, the time has come to fully popularize 3D.

Zhong Zhifeng said that the advent of the era of 3D popularization has three major characteristics. First, the television industry chain has stabilized, and the large-scale production of screens has kept prices down; followed by the richness of 3D products, from 32吋 to 65吋, the 3D product series sold on the market amounted to more than 60 models, and the fierce market Competition also makes the price gradient of 3D TVs tend to be rationalized and popularized. In addition, consumers’ awareness of 3D TVs has exceeded 80%. The latest research data from the Consumer Electronics Survey Office of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce shows that consumers are interested in 3D TVs. The degree of concern has reached 72.5%.

It is reported that from the end of last year, Skyworth has carried out mass production of 3D TVs. At present, Skyworth’s 3D TV sales have reached 60,000 units per month. Sun Dongwen, vice president of Skyworth Group, revealed that Skyworth’s 3D TV shipments will exceed 1.5 million units by the end of the fiscal year ending in March 2012. At present, Skyworth's overall 3D TV shipments account for about 20%.

3D TV sales expected to break 6 million

In fact, abandoning 2D TV to 3D TV appears to be a common choice for domestic color TV giants. At the end of March of this year, Konka launched NetRect smart health 3D flagship product 988PD in Shanghai. At the same time, it also launched five series of 11PD, 97D, 96PD, 95D, and more than 30 new models, and launched smart 3D TV market.

Chang Yong, general manager of Changhong Multimedia Marketing, revealed that since July, Changhong has launched more than 20 new series of full HD 3D TVs. In addition, a number of manufacturers including Hisense and TCL have stated that in the future, 3D TVs will account for more than half of the company’s production, 3D will become the mainstream of TV, and manufacturers will reduce the production of pure 2D TVs. At present, Hisense TV's 7 and 8 series products all carry 3D functions. In the newly-listed products of domestic color TV sets, 3D has become the "standard" without exception.

Ovid Consulting’s latest weekly flat-panel TV retail monitoring report showed that the penetration rate of 3D TV sales was 19.6%, and the penetration rate of retail sales was 32%. According to sources of home appliance sales channels, 3D TV sales in the first half of this year increased 3 to 4 times over the second half of 2010, and this has become a type of TV sales, and 3D TVs have reduced their prices by 20% to 40% this year.

According to data from the Consumer Electronics Survey Office of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, "China's Flat-panel TV City Consumer Demand Survey Report for January-June 2011", it is expected that by the end of 2011, thanks to the rapid decline in the price of 3D TVs, 3D TV consumption will exceed this year. Expected growth is expected to exceed 6 million units throughout the year.