Starting today, the promotion of 2011 financial subsidies for energy-saving lamps has officially begun, and urban and rural residents can purchase energy-saving lamps at prices that are more than half of the prices of supermarkets.

The promotion was carried out in 13 cities in the province. The six wattage companies including Zhenjiang Qiangling Electronics, Op Lighting, Philips, Shanghai Yaming Light Bulb, Nanjing Sanle Lighting, and Yancheng Haomai Lighting provided different wattage energy saving lamps, including 14W and 28W. Basic color double-end straight tube fluorescent lamps, ranging from 8W-55W self-ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting and high-pressure sodium lamps over 150W. Based on the national purchase price, these lamps are sold to residents for discounts and 70% off for large users. Residents purchase price is the cheapest for each 3.5 yuan, the most expensive 25 yuan, when you need to register with the ID card contact, each brand personal purchase can not exceed 10.

This year is the 4th year that the state finance subsidizes the promotion of energy-saving lamps. Our province plans to supply 5 million, 60% of which are sold in rural areas. After being put into use, it is expected to save about 435 million kwh per year, equivalent to about 152,300 tons of standard coal, and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to about 464,100 tons and sulfur dioxide to about 13,100 tons. The official website of the Provincial Economic and Credit Commission has announced the list of sales outlets and contact information for each city, and residents can purchase it nearby. For the first time this year, try to promote the post office. The first batch of pilots will be arranged at 10 postal outlets in Nanjing. After the pilots are successfully implemented, they will be pushed across the province.