Although Wuyi has passed nearly a week, many people are still in post-holiday syndrome! Do not want to work, then change his mind, Xiao Bian now take you to see the most popular 4k HD surface TV, yes, you did not mistake, is a curved TV! Because many companies are still fighting for the May 1 promotional campaign ..... act quickly, go! Go! Go! New era, new technology, so that the home hardware equipment is still up high!

Domestically produced TVs can be described as new products frequently appearing in succession. They are all high-end products that can match the specifications of the joint venture brands. The strongest lineups such as high-gamut quantum dots, ultra-clear 4K resolution, and curved TVs are constantly being refreshed. Domestic flagship television configuration benchmark.
In order to help everyone's purchase, Xiao Bian brings you three HD 4K TVs with different performances on the market, so that you can buy them selectively.

Product Features

Build Everyone's Home Theater: Hisense ULED Curved TV

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With April 8, Hisense 2015 ULED curved TV new listing, a total of XT910 series, K720U two series, covering 55,65 inch two mainstream large size specifications. As the core flagship product of Hisense TV's debut in spring 2015, ULED curved TV will be able to secure both the face value and content competition in the new color TV series that will be staged in May.

Different from the first-generation ULED flat panel, ULED curved TV has two series of new products with 4000R perfect curvature arc screen, so that the line of sight and the center of the TV screen vertical, not only can optimize the viewing angle at the bottom of the screen, but also to the user To cinematic immersive look and feel.

Hisense ULED curved TV is equipped with the new VIDAA3 smart TV system, which has rich HD content resources. Including the world's top classical music HD channel Unitel Classica full channel content, covering 50 games + HD music concerts throughout the year, users can also watch high-definition documentary resources and 72% of online HD video resources.

Hisense ULED curved TV new application of new Hi-Sound audio processing system, support for DTS Premium Sound 5.1 decoding, perfect match with Dolby DD+, can be used with Sound Bar plug-in stereo, its strong low frequency, medium frequency is soft and clear, high frequency fiber is complete, Audiovisual effects are excellent.

The Cool Game Leader: CHiQ TV 55Q2C

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The 55-inch Q2C belongs to the kind of TV that is noble but still petty bourgeoisie. All four of its borders are edging the metal texture trim, and each side is masculine and tough.

And the Q2C's live broadcast custom play function can analyze and count the user’s real-time ratings, help users to push some popular programs that are of interest, and automatically associate related types of TV dramas, variety shows, etc., and instantly push them to the user’s eyes. More convenient and comfortable viewing experience.

CHiQ TV 55Q2C equipped with "M + dual-core technology" to ensure that the CHiQ TV Q2 series in the running of large-scale games have a more smooth and smooth performance than the mobile side, while using the mobile chip, is a built-in 20-core high-profile hardware monster, In the future, there will be no need to transplant on the CHiQ II TV, and it will be possible to directly carry out richer and more exciting games.

The model of visual color: Samsung JS9900

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Samsung SUHD proud TV series TV appearance has made a maximization of upgrades, using an extremely luxurious metal material, JS9900 using inverted triangle frame design, angular design makes the overall look even more vigorous, increasing the depth of the screen depth, layering, and The elegant frame matches the minimalism and modern fashion sense. The same metal material base not only ensures the stability of the fuselage, but also fits the overall fortitude. The integrated backplane design with the perfect arc of the fuselage can show a very good texture, while fortitude and elegance.

Image quality is the key to TV. Samsung SUHD Ultra HDTV is the flagship product of 2015. It is equipped with an ultra-high definition LCD panel with a physical resolution of 3840×2160. It uses environmentally friendly nanocrystal technology, based on the size of the crystal grain and the power, Light excitation can emit different colors of colored light. The re-mastering engine optimizes the color and brightness of content sources to meet the high-quality image quality requirements of the SUHD standard.

to sum up
Xiao Bian intentionally showed off from the three main attack TV brands with different performance according to the different needs of the public:
Among them, Samsung JS9900 (guidance price: ¥41999~76999) highlights the depth and texture of his curved screen, and is matched with an elegant frame, and adopts nano-crystal technology, which can conduct different colors according to the size of the crystal grain and the power and light excitation. The colored light. How long Samsung can stand in the world brand, mainly his brilliant "color" & high full, let you see the taste of comfortable to see.
And this CHiQ Changhong TV 55Q2C (guide price ¥ 12900) M + flagship dual-core technology, hardware technology, there are more straightforward than the mobile terminal run smoothly when the big game. Good performance is really good, and HD 4k resolution is not inferior to the high-end products of joint venture brands.
Last Hisense ULED curved TV (guide price ¥ 13799) using the new Hi-Sound audio processing system, support for DTS Premium Sound 5.1 decoding, perfect with Dolby DD +, can be used with Sound Bar plug-in audio, audio and video to achieve both audio and video enjoyment , Make the sound more realistic, more shocking, let you feel it is so fresh and refined.

How about three new products listed on the Ultra HD 4K TV, do you love it? If you do not find your favorite Smart TV above, you may wish to enter our Smart TV Product Library at to search for more new models. (Invalid img)

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