LED giant Lunda Electronics' revenue in April this year was about 1.21 billion yuan (NT$, about 245 million yuan), up 2.5% from March and 2.6% from the same period last year. The main reason is that the LED industry has gradually warmed up since the second season.

In the backlight application segment, Ronda said that Flip Chip and White Chip technology have been successfully used in direct-lit TV backlights and shipped. Last year, the proportion of large-size direct-lit backlights has exceeded the side-in type. It is expected that the new technology of the chip-packaged White Chip will be upgraded. In addition, small and medium-sized consumer electronic backlight applications have also grown significantly.

In terms of lighting applications, in line with the growth of the LED home lighting market, in addition to the current commercial products such as lamps and flat panels, Ronda has also increased the number of bulb products this year, including the proportion of bulbs, projection lamps, candle lamps and other products.

In addition, Ronda launched the Photo on Board (DOB) light engine product, which is mainly equipped with its high-voltage (HV) die and package produced by one-stop, providing plug-and-play LED photoelectric solutions for traditional luminaire manufacturers. It is expected that there will be multiple growth this year.

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