[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" October 2014 issue (total 58th issue) Wen | Gan Qin] In the field of LED driver ICs, domestic manufacturers are mostly deployed in the low-end market of non-dimming, price war It has always been a topic that cannot be avoided. The industry believes that in the future, those companies that rely on low prices to grab the market without paying attention to product quality will be eliminated.

The industry believes that price and quality have always been a contradiction. To reduce product prices, quality will be sacrificed. If the domestic LED driver IC industry goes all the way to the low-end market, quality will not be guaranteed. In the long run, it will cause users. The crisis of trust in LED products.

"Domestic ICs are not very satisfactory in terms of quality, and relatively lack of technical content." Ma Jiande said, "As far as the current situation is concerned, most of the domestic ICs remain in the low-end field."

Li Zhaohua said that not only in the IC field, but also in the entire LED industry, everyone likes to imitate each other, even naked plagiarism, resulting in more and more homogenized products, which ultimately leads to the lack of core competitiveness. "Only on the basis of technological innovation to ensure product quality, is the important chip to lead the market."

Yi Yangbo also believes that the IC industry is still in a state of disorder, but with the introduction of relevant standards, it will eventually embark on a standardized and orderly development path. "The one that survives must be a manufacturer with quality and strength."

The so-called quality is the basis of the foothold, only to ensure the quality can shape the core of the brand, in order to ensure product quality, IC companies must strictly control a series of links in research and development, procurement, production, quality control.

"Our IC products will be introduced to the market before entering the mass production stage. We will first conduct a series of strict acceptance tests on the IC. After the acceptance test is passed, we will enter the mass production stage." Li Zhaohua said, "The company's products are only The IC and the system's test items will be provided to the customer after they meet the standards."

Li Zhaohua believes that the price war is no longer the mainstream rule of the current domestic driver IC market. Those enterprises that rely on low prices to grab the market and not pay attention to product quality will be eliminated.

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