[Text|High-tech LED reporter Gan Qin] As the first integrated circuit chip design company listed in China, Silan Microelectronics (600460.SH) has developed from a pure chip design company to a chip design and manufacturing. A combination of integrated semiconductor companies, the company provides customers with high-quality integrated circuits and discrete devices and LED products, the existing chip design and development staff of more than 300 people.

On March 26, Silan Microelectronics held the "2015 AC-DC Power Products and LED Lighting Solutions Promotion Conference" at the Marco Polo Good Day Hotel in Shenzhen, attracting well-known power companies and related lighting companies from home and abroad. 500 representatives from the company's agents attended the meeting.

meeting venue

At the promotion meeting, Chen Xiangdong, chairman of Silan Micro, introduced that at present, Silan Micro includes three core businesses: 1. Integrated circuits, power modules, discrete devices and sensor products based on company chips for high-power, high-frequency special processes. 2. Digital audio SOC systems and products. 3. High-brightness, high-quality LED chip manufacturing and packaging.

Chen Landong, Chairman of Silan Micro

At the meeting, Cai Yongjun, the person in charge of Silan's micro LED lighting driver application, brought a keynote speech on "LED Lighting Driver Solution" and explained the company's main non-isolated LED driver, dimmable LED driver, and compatible thyristor Optical products, EMI optimization products, and DLI digital dimming systems and products.

"Our non-isolated lift-high P products have the requirements of original secondary side isolation, primary side control, high efficiency, etc." Cai Yongjun said, "The power factor of this series is >0.95, start-up time <100ms, total harmonic distortion <10 %."

Cai Lanjun, the person in charge of Shilan Micro LED lighting driver product application

Cai Yongjun reminded that for the AC input switching power supply, there is a risk of high-voltage electrical connection and leakage (surface moisture, plastic seal, impurities) between the low-potential PIN. For the high-impedance PIN cloth board of the chip, it must be Pay attention to it. In order to prevent leakage, the ROVP cable should be kept away from the high voltage trace in practical applications. "Our non-isolated low-voltage P-product, the SD670X, has a long distance between the ROVP pin and the DARIN (VCC) to avoid leakage flash in wet conditions. In addition, the product uses a reasonable PIN pin arrangement to avoid interference."

In addition, Silan Micro is very optimistic about the DLT digital dimming technology solution, and plans to launch the corresponding dimmers and application solutions as well as the circuits and solutions at the lamp end in Q2 this year. At the same time, it will explore and promote the establishment of relevant domestic standards and adoption alliances.

"Compared to DLT technology, BLE dimming, zigbee, wifi on the market have high cost, high standby power consumption, and limited nodes." Cai Yongjun said that for home smart lighting, Silan Micro provides intelligent dimming. The program has the following four characteristics: 1. It should be as close as possible to the existing usage habits. 2. The indoor wiring scheme should be as compatible as possible with the two-wire cabling scheme. 3. Low cost. 4, to adapt to network control network and wireless control.

Cai Yongjun said that the company's DLT dimming system has the ability to use dimming for dimming and conforming to traditional usage habits. It can be fully compatible with the existing wiring system of the home, and can support two-wire wiring. The product compatibility is good and there is no flashing phenomenon. The installation is convenient and fast, no wiring is required, the construction cost is low; the lamps are cheap, the driving power source does not need communication equipment such as zigbee, bluetooth, Wifi, etc.; the dimmer is easy to realize wireless intelligent dimming requirements.

In addition, at the conference site, Shi Lanwei AC-DC product application manager Guo Wei and device product line manager Zhang Kefeng introduced the related products and solutions. The final lottery session pushed the meeting to a climax.

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