Cisco is one of the world's largest network hardware vendors, with annual revenues approaching $50 billion, making it one of the Internet of Things giants. In addition, Cisco has three major actions in the field of Internet of Things.

Cisco is one of the world's largest network hardware vendors, with annual revenues approaching $50 billion (about 306.7 billion yuan). According to market research firm IDC and Synergy, Cisco controls about 63% of the router and switch market and 30% of the network security market.

This makes Cisco one of the Internet of Things giants. Cisco expects the number of IoT devices worldwide to grow from 25 billion this year to 50 billion in 2020.

To meet the growing demand for IoT, Cisco has developed a unified computing system solution that combines servers, network hardware and security software. The Unified Computing System solution helps Cisco sell hardware and services at a lower price than its competitors. In Cisco's last quarter's revenue, hardware and services accounted for 76% and 24%, respectively.

In addition, Cisco has a big move in the Internet of Things. Here are three of Cisco's top moves in the IoT space:

1, 2 billion US dollars investment

According to Owen, President of Cisco Asia Pacific and Japan. According to Irving Tan, Cisco has invested $1 billion (about 6.1 billion yuan) in IoT products and solutions, and will invest another $1 billion by 2017. These funds will be used to acquire or invest in promising IoT companies to strengthen their technology.

When speaking at a press conference, Cisco Corporate Development Vice President Derek? Derek Idemoto said the company will invest in 80 companies and 35 funds related to the Internet of Things, including data analytics, content technology ecosystems and mobile connectivity solutions.

2. Startup company incubator and innovation center

Part of the funds will be used to set up startup incubators and innovation centers to help global developers and small companies. Cisco has established eight IoT Innovation Centers in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Songdo, Tokyo, London and Sydney to discuss and test IoT technologies for customers, startups and researchers.

Cisco, Intel and Deutsche Telekom have set up Challenge Up in Krakow, Berlin and Vienna! Internet of Things incubator. The incubator will help startups launch their products faster in the market by jointly developing and utilizing the resources of the three companies.

These innovation centers and incubators help Cisco invest in promising IoT technologies in the early stages and “bundle” them into their network ecosystem.

3. Analyze real-time data

Cisco expects the IoT industry to reach $19 trillion in the next 10 years (about 117 trillion yuan), of which data analysis solutions will account for 7.3 trillion US dollars (about 44.8 trillion yuan), but here Cisco is behind IBM and Oracle in the market because most analytics solutions analyze data as it travels over the network to the server. This means that the collected data is focused on past events rather than real-time applications.

To solve this problem, Cisco launched the "Continuous Analysis of WAN Network" project in December last year to integrate analytical capabilities into its hardware products. This enables companies to process data from IoT devices in real time, posing a disruptive threat to traditional analytics solutions.

The future of networking

Because giants such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, Intel and IBM are trying to take advantage of their existing advantages in the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things has become hot.

For Cisco, the network is its advantage. However, now it must use its technology to connect "all things" with sensors. Investing in more companies, funding incubators, and augmenting their network hardware with analytics tools are three promising ways for Cisco to achieve its goals.

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